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Generic name bupropion (byoo PRO-pee-on)
Brand names: Wellbutrin Sr., Wellbutrin L.
Drug class: antidepressants

Wellbutrin is available in two formulations: Wellbutrin-SR and Wellbutrin-XL. If generic versions have been approved, there may be equivalent products.

What is Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin, an antidepressant medication, is believed to act in the brain on the chemical messengers dopamine and norepinephrine. Wellbutrin is used for both major depressive disorders (MDD) and seasonal affective disorders. Wellbutrin is only used for major depressive disorders (MDD).

Wellbutrin does not help you quit smoking. Instead, another brand of bupropion is called Zyban.


Wellbutrin should not be taken if you suffer from seizures, have an eating disorder, or have stopped suddenly using alcohol, seizure medication, or sedatives. Do not take Zyban for quitting smoking if you are taking Wellbutrin to treat depression.Wellbutrin should not be used if you've taken an MAO inhibitor within the last 14 days. It is possible that a dangerous drug interaction will occur. MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline or tranylcypromine.

Wellbutrin can cause seizures in some people, particularly those with certain medical conditions and/or when they are using certain drugs. Inform your doctor of all your medical conditions, including any drugs you are taking.When first starting an antidepressant, some young people may have suicidal thoughts. While you use this medication, your doctor will check on your progress regularly. Your or your family should remain mindful of any shifts in mood or symptoms that arise.

You should tell your doctor if any symptoms worsen or change, including: changes in mood or behaviour, anxiety, panic attack, difficulty sleeping, or feeling impulsive, irritable, or agitated; hostile or aggressive; restless or hyperactive (mentally and physically); more depressed or having thoughts of suicide or harming yourself.

Before you take this drug

Wellbutrin should not be used if MAO inhibitors have been taken in the last 14 days. It is possible that a dangerous drug interaction will occur. MAO inhibitors are isocarboxazid (linezolid), phenelzine (phenelzine injection), rasagiline (selegiline), tranylcypromine, and other drugs.

Wellbutrin should not be taken if:

  • A seizure disorder;
  • Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.
  • If you suddenly stop using alcohol, seizure medication, or a sedative, such as Xanax (Valium), Fiorinal (Klonopin), and others,

You should not take an MAO inhibitor within 14 days of taking bupropion or afterward. A dangerous drug reaction could occur. MAO inhibitors are isocarboxazid (linezolid), phenelzine (rasagiline), selegiline (tranylcypromine), and rasagiline.

Wellbutrin should not be used to treat multiple conditions at once. Do not take bupropion to stop smoking if you are taking it for depression.

Wellbutrin can cause seizures. This is especially true if you are suffering from certain medical conditions or if certain drugs are being used. Inform your doctor of all your medical conditions and any drugs that you are taking.

Tell your doctor about any of the following to ensure that this medicine will be safe for you:

  • A head injury, seizures, or a brain or spinal cord tumor
  • Narrow-angle glaucoma;
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure or heart attacks are serious threats.
  • Diabetes;
  • Kidney or liver disease, especially cirrhosis
  • Depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental illness.
  • If you are a heavy drinker of alcohol,

When first starting an antidepressant, some young people may have suicidal thoughts. While you use Wellbutrin, your doctor will check on your progress regularly. You should alert your family members or carers to any changes in mood or symptoms.

It's not known if bupropion can harm an unborn child. You may experience a relapse in depression if your antidepressant is stopped. If you are pregnant, tell your doctor immediately. Do not start or stop bupropion treatment without consulting your doctor.You may find your name on a registry for pregnant women to monitor the effects of bupropion.Wellbutrin may make it unsafe to breastfeed. You should consult your doctor if you are concerned about any risks.

How to take Wellbutrin?

Follow the directions on your prescription label. Please follow all the instructions on the prescription label. This medicine should not be taken in greater or lesser amounts or for a longer period of time than prescribed. This medicine may increase your risk of seizures if you take too much.No longer chew or crush the extended-release tablets. Take it as a whole.

Wellbutrin should not be stopped or changed abruptly unless you are experiencing seizures while using this medication. Sudden stopping can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.You may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop taking Wellbutrin. You should ask your doctor about how to safely discontinue this medication.

Wellbutrin can cause severe high blood pressure, especially in people who also use nicotine replacement products (patch or chewing gum). You may need to check your blood pressure before and after treatment with bupropion.This medication can lead to a false-positive drug test. Tell the lab staff if you're submitting a urine sample to be tested for drugs and that you're taking bupropion.Store away from heat and moisture at room temperature.

Before you take this drug

Once you recall, take the missing dose immediately. If your next scheduled dosage is approaching, skip the missed dose. You should not take more medicine to compensate for a missed dose.

What happens if I overdose?

Call the Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222 or seek emergency medical care. A bupropion overdose can be deadly. Overdose signs and symptoms include muscle stiffness or hallucinations.

What should be avoided?

If you take bupropion and drink alcohol, your risk of seizures may increase. Talk to your doctor if you regularly drink alcohol before you change the amount. Bupropion may also cause seizures when people drink alcohol heavily and suddenly stop drinking after starting the medication.

Bupropion can impair your reactions or thinking. You should be careful when driving or doing anything else that requires alertness.

Side effects of Wellbutrin

If you experience any of the following symptoms of an allergic reaction to Wellbutrin (hives or itching, swollen or painful glands, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face or throat), or severe skin reactions (fever or sore throat with burning eyes, skin pain or blisters, or a red or purple rash),

Tell your doctor about any new or worsening signs or symptoms. These include: changes in mood or behavior; anxiety; depression or panic attacks; trouble sleeping; feeling impulsive or restless.

If you experience:

  • A seizure (convulsions);
  • Confusion is a sudden change in mood or behavior.
  • Blurred vision, tunnel vision, eye swelling or pain, or seeing halos around lights
  • Fast or irregular heartbeats
  • A manic episode: racing thoughts and feelings, excessive energy, reckless behavior, extreme happiness or irritation, speaking more than usual.

Wellbutrin may cause side effects such as:

  • Dry mouth, sore throat, and stuffy nose are all symptoms of dry mouth.
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision
  • Constipation, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain;
  • Sleep problems (insomnia);
  • Feeling anxious, nervous, or sweating?
  • Fast heartbeats;
  • Confusion, agitation, and hostility;
  • Rash;
  • Weight loss;
  • Increased urination
  • Headache, dizziness,
  • Muscle or joint pain

There may be other side effects. For medical advice on side effects, call your doctor. The FDA can be contacted at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report side effects.

Interaction with other drug

If you take Wellbutrin and certain other medications, your risk of having seizures may be higher.Bupropion can interact with many drugs. Inform your doctor of all medications you take, including those you stop taking or start using during treatment with Wellbutrin. Included in this are prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. This medication guide does not list all possible interactions.



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