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Zegalogue Autoinjector

The Generic Name is Dasiglucagon (also known as DAS-i-GLOO-ka-gon). Dasiglucagon [DAS-iGLOO-kah-gon]
Names of Brands: Zegalogue Autoinjector, Zegalogue Prefilled Syringe
Drug Class: Glucose-elevating agents

What is Zegalogue Autoinjector?

The Zegalogue Autoinjector is used to treat poor blood glucose levels (severe hypoglycemia) in children and adults who are at least 6 years old.

Zegalogue Autoinjector can also be used for other purposes that are not mentioned in this medication guideline.

Side effects of Zegalogue autoinjector

Seek medical attention immediately. If you are experiencing symptoms that are warning signs of an allergic response, such as a sensation of lightheadedness, hives, or being unable to breathe, a rapid or slow heartbeat, and the swelling of your lips your throat, tongue, or even your face.

Zegalogue autoinjectors may cause serious side effects. Contact your physician immediately. If you suffer from:

  • Extreme headache or blurred vision. The pounding of your neck or ear and
  • A new or ongoing problem with blood sugar symptoms: hunger, headache, sweating, dizziness, irritability, rapid heart rate, and feeling nervous or shaky.

Common negative side effects of zegalogue autoinjectors may include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • Headache;
  • Discomfort when the injection was administered.

There isn't an exhaustive list of the possible effects. Other side consequences could also occur. Contact your doctor for advice regarding medical adverse effects. You can report any side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

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Make sure that you and all of your family members know how to administer a Zegalogue auto injector injection prior to when you have to utilize it. The treatment for hypoglycemia must be completed in the shortest time possible. Being low in blood sugar for too long could lead to seizures, coma, or even death.

Before you take this drug

You shouldn't make use of the Zegalogue autoinjector if you have an allergy to the drug or if you suffer from

  • A pancreas tumor (insulinoma) is a tumor of the pancreas.
  • A tumor of the adrenal gland (pheochromocytoma).

Inform your doctor if you are suffering from:

  • Any pancreatic tumor;
  • Chronically low blood sugar levels;
  • Adrenal gland issues;
  • A lax allergy
  • If you've not had a meal on a regular basis.

Don't give Zegalogue autoinjectors to children without medical guidance.

See your doctor if you are nursing or expecting.

Zegalogue autoinjector isn't likely to harm a newborn baby; however, the benefits of treating hypoglycemia are more beneficial than any risk that this medication could pose.

In an emergency situation, it is not always possible to inform your carers that you are nursing or pregnant. Be sure that any doctor who cares for the baby or your pregnancy is aware that you've taken this medication.

How to take a Zegalogue autoinjector?

The condition should be addressed immediately if possible. Being low in blood sugar over a prolonged period of time could cause seizures, comas, or even death.The Zegalogue autoinjector is injected beneath the skin. It will show you how to utilize emergency medicine injections to treat severe hypoglycemia. Consult your physician every time you take this injection.

Be sure to read and adhere to any instructions for use that come with your medication. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor to clarify any instructions.Make an injection only when you are prepared to give it. Avoid using any medicine that changes color or has particles. Consult your pharmacist about the latest medication.Be sure that you and all of your carers are aware of how to administer the Zegalogue auto injector injection before requiring it. The appropriate dosage for children can be exactly the same as for adults. Follow the instructions of your physician for dosage with care.

In the days following your injection, you must consume a quick-acting sugar source (fruit juice, glucose gel, hard candy, raisins, and non-diet drinks), after which you should eat an aperitif or small meal like cheese, peanut butter, or crackers.

When you're a carer, seek medical attention immediately following the administration of an injection of Zegalogue Autoinjector. If the patient is not improving within fifteen minutes of the injection, then you might have to administer another injection.

The levels of blood sugar may be affected due to illness, stress, surgery, drinking alcohol, exercising, or avoiding meals. Talk to your doctor before altering your dosage or medication schedule.To avoid having severe hypoglycemia, be sure to follow your diet, medications, and exercise routines with the utmost care.Place the items in the refrigerator in a separate location from the element that cools. Don't freeze.

You can also store Zegalogue Autoinjector at ambient temperature, but make use of the medication for a minimum of 12 months before you dispose of it. Make sure to keep it out of the light by placing the medication in a protected case. Don't put the medicine in a refrigerator again after it has been stored at room temperature.Do not take this medication until it has expired. The time limit printed on the bottle has expired.

What happens If I miss a dose?

Because the Zegalogue Autoinjector is utilized only when it is necessary, it does not have a dosing schedule for the day.

Consult your doctor immediately in the event that symptoms don't improve following the use of the Zegalogue autoinjector.

What happens if I overdose?

Get medical attention in an emergency or contact the poison help line at 1-800-222-1222.

Overdose symptoms can include vomiting, nausea, rapid heartbeats, nausea, or the presence of high blood pressure.

What should be avoided?

Follow the doctor's advice regarding food, drinks, or any activity.

Interaction with other drugs

Inform your doctor about any other medications you take, particularly:

  • Indomethacin;
  • Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven).

This list isn't complete. Other medications could interfere with the Zegalogue Autoinjector, such as prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. There are many possible interactions between drugs that are listed here.



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