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Generic name: [klor-ZOX-a-zone]chlorzoxazone

Brand names: Lorzone, Paraflex, Remular-S
Drug class: skeletal muscle relaxants

It is believed that the Paraflex brand name has been removed from the U.S. If the generic version of this product is approved by the FDA, it is possible that there will be similar generic versions available.

What is Paraflex?

Paraflex is a relaxant that is employed in conjunction with physical therapy and rest to treat skeletal muscular conditions like injury or pain.Paraflex can be used for other purposes not mentioned in this guideline.

Side effects of Paraflex

Contact a medical professional immediately. If you are experiencing symptoms that are warning signs of an allergic response, like hives, trouble breathing, and swelling of your lips, face, or tongue,

Paraflex could cause severe adverse effects. Take a break from Paraflex and contact your doctor immediately if you experience:

  • A feeling of lightheadedness, as if you're passing out;
  • Skin eruption, itching, or redness;
  • Stomach pain (upper right) and loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever, and unusual tiredness. dark urine as well as jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin);
  • Indications of stomach bleeding: bloody or black stools, coughing up blood, or vomiting that resembles coffee grounds.

Common Paraflex side effects could comprise:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Dizziness;
  • General feeling of ill-feeling.

This is not a comprehensive list of possible side effects, and other side effects could occur. Consult your physician to seek medical advice on adverse effects. You can report symptoms to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Similar/related drugs

cyclobenzaprine, baclofen, tizanidine, diazepam, methocarbamol, and soma


Follow the directions on the medicine label and on the label of your package. Be sure to inform your health care providers about your allergies, medical conditions, and any medications you take.

Before you take this drug

You shouldn't use Paraflex if you have an allergy to it.

Inform your doctor if you were ever diagnosed with:

  • Liver disease.

Inform your doctor if you are nursing or pregnant.Paraflex is not allowed for use by anyone less than 18 years old.

How to take Paraflex?

Follow the directions on the prescription label and study all medication guides or instruction sheets. The doctor might alter the dosage.Paraflex is typically taken 3–4 times a day. Follow the instructions of your physician for dosage extremely carefully.

Paraflex is just one component of a full treatment plan that could include physical therapy or other methods to ease pain. Follow the instructions of your physician.Place it in a cool, dry place far from heat and moisture.

What happens If I miss a dose?

Do not take the medicine for as long as you are able, but avoid your missed dose if it's close to the time of the next dose. Don't take two doses at once.

What happens if I overdose?

For medical emergencies, seek emergency medical attention or contact the Poison Help line toll-free at 1-800-222-1222.

The symptoms of an overdose could be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme drowsiness, headache, muscle weakness, and shallow breathing. It can also cause fainting.

What should be avoided?

Consuming alcohol while using Paraflex could cause side effects.

Avoid driving or engaging in hazardous activities until you understand the effects this medication will have on your body. Your reaction could be affected.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of Paraflex along with other medications that cause you to become drowsy could increase the severity of this effect. Consult your physician before taking an opioid drug, a sleeping pill, a muscle relaxer, or medication for an anxiety disorder or seizures.

Other medications can affect Paraflex, which includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Discuss with your doctor all the medications you currently use and any medications you begin or stop taking.