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Brand name: Conjupri
Dosage forms: oral tablet ((as maleate) 2.5 mg, (as maleate) 5 mg)
Drug class: calcium channel blocking agents

What is Levamlodipine?

Levamlodipine, a calcium-channel blocker, dilates or widens the blood vessels to improve blood flow.Levamlodipine treats hypertension (hypertension) in adults and children older than 6 years. Lowering your blood pressure can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.Levamlodipine can be used in other ways not mentioned in this guide.

Side effects of Levamlodipine

If you experience any of the following symptoms of an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical attention: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, face, tongue, or throat.When you start taking levamlodipine, in rare cases, you may experience an increase in your angina or even a heart attack. Call your doctor or seek emergency medical care if you experience symptoms like chest pressure or pain, pain that spreads to your shoulder or jaw, nausea, or sweating.

Levamlodipine can cause serious side effects. If you experience:

  • If you feel your heart pounding or your chest fluttering, then this is a sign that it's time to seek medical attention.
  • Worsening chest pain;
  • A feeling of lightheadedness, as if you could pass out.

Levamlodipine can cause the following side effects:

  • Fast heartbeats;
  • Swelling of the feet or ankles
  • Dizziness, drowsiness;
  • Feeling tired
  • Stomach pain, nausea,
  • Flushing (warmth, redness, or tingling feeling)

There may be other side effects. Call your physician if experiencing side effects; for reporting purposes contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Similar/related drugs

Amlodipine, lisinopril, metoprolol, losartan, furosemide, and hydrochlorothiazide


Please read and heed all instructions listed on your medication's package or label before taking a dose. It is also essential that you inform your healthcare provider of all pertinent details related to medical conditions, allergies and medicines you take.

Before you take this drug

If you have an allergy to levamlodipine or amlodipine, then you should not take it.

Tell your doctor immediately of any of the following symptoms:

  • Liver disease
  • Aortic stenosis is a condition that affects the heart valve.

Inform your physician as soon as you plan to conceive.Levamlodipine is not known to harm an unborn child. High blood pressure during pregnancy can cause serious complications, such as diabetes and eclampsia. Treatment of hypertension can be beneficial to both mother and baby.Inform your doctor if breastfeeding is a concern.

How to take Levamlodipine?

Read all the instructions or guides that come with your medication and follow the directions. Sometimes, your doctor will change the dose. Please follow your physician's directions when taking your medications.This medication may be taken either with or without food.You will need to check your blood pressure often.When you increase your dosage or start taking levamlodipine, it may make your chest pain worse. If your chest pain persists or is severe, call your doctor.Even if you're feeling well, continue to take levamlodipine if you have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can often be symptomless. Blood pressure medication may be needed for the rest of your life.Levamlodipine may be part of a comprehensive treatment programme that includes diet, exercise, and weight management, as well as other medications. Be sure to follow your diet, medications, and exercise regimens closely.Read all the instructions that come with your medications and follow them exactly. You should not stop taking a medication or change the dose without consulting your doctor.Store away from moisture, heat, and light at room temperature.

Details on dosage

Usual Adult Dose for Hypertension:

Usual dosage: 2.5 mg once daily.
Maximum daily dose: 5 mg
Adjust the dose based on the blood pressure goal.
If necessary, you may need to titrate the dose more quickly if you are assessing your patient frequently.

The usual paediatric dose for hypertension is:

From 6 to 17 years: Orally, 1.25 to 2.5mg daily
Paediatric patients have not received doses above 2.5 mg/day.

What happens if I miss the dose?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible. However, if the missed dose is more than 12 hours old, skip it. Take only one dose at a time.

What happens if I overdose?

Call 1-800-222-1222 for poison help or seek immediate medical attention.The symptoms of an overdose may include rapid heartbeats, redness in the arms or legs, or fainting.

What should be avoided?

You may get dizzy if you stand up quickly from a seated or lying position.

Interaction with other drug

It is sometimes not a good idea to take certain medications together. Some drugs may affect the blood levels of drugs that you are taking, which can increase side effects and make them less effective.Other drugs, such as vitamins and herbal remedies, may also affect levamlodipine. Inform your doctor of all the medicines you are taking and those that you stop or start using.