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L-Methylfolate Formula

Generic name: l-methylfolate (pronounced L-METH il-FOE-late)
Brand names include: Denovo, Deplin, Elfolate, L-Methylfolate Forte, XaQuil XR, and L-Methylfolate Form.
Drug class: vitamins

What is L-Methylfolate Formula?

Folate, a B vitamin found in many foods, is naturally occurring. Folic acid is a man-made folate added to vitamin and mineral supplements or processed foods. The body needs folate to make red blood cells.Folate deficiency can be caused by certain illnesses, certain medications, or not eating enough folate. Folate deficiency may cause anaemia, which is a decrease in red blood cells. Folate deficiency can also cause high levels of a certain amino acid in the blood, a condition called hyperhomocysteinemia (HYE-per-HOE-moe-sis-tin-EE-mee-a).L'Methylfolate is a medical product for people with folate deficiencies. L-Methylfolate Formula can also be used by people who suffer from major depression and folate deficiency or schizophrenia with hyperhomocysteinemia due to folate deficiencies.L-Methylfolate Formula does not contain antidepressants or antipsychotic medications. L-Methylfolate Formula can enhance the effects of antidepressants.This medication guide does not list all possible uses for the L-Methylfolate Formula.

Side effects of L-Methylfolate Formula

Seek immediate medical care if you have any of these symptoms: difficulty breathing, hives, swelling in your face, lips, throat, or tongue.Some side effects may be milder or even non-existent.There may be other side effects. For medical advice on side effects, call your doctor. To report adverse effects, you can contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.


Please read all the instructions on the label or package of your medication. Inform your healthcare provider about your medical conditions, allergies, and medicines.

Before you take this drug

If you have an allergy to L-Methylfolate Formula, it is best not to use it.

Tell your doctor about any of the following to ensure that the L-Methylfolate Formula will be safe for you:

  • Seizures or epilepsy;
  • A history of deficiency in vitamin b12 or pernicious anaemia
  • A history of bipolar disorder (manic depression)

Tell your doctor if pregnant or nursing. You may need a different dose during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How to take L-Methylfolate?

Do not exceed the recommended dosage or duration on your prescription. Take L-Methylfolate Formula Formula only at the recommended dose.Only use the strength prescribed by your doctor. Switch brands only after consulting your doctor.Take L-Methylfolate Formula either with or without food. You should follow your doctor's advice.No longer chew or crush the extended-release tablets. Take it as a whole.This medication should not be shared with anyone else, even if the other person has similar symptoms.The L-Methylfolate Formula may be part of a comprehensive treatment programme that includes other medications and psychological counselling for people who have schizophrenia or depression. Keep track of your medication and counselling schedules.Store away from moisture, heat, and light at a cool temperature.

What happens if I miss the dose?

As soon as you recall, take the missed dose. If your next scheduled dosage is approaching, skip the missed dose. You should not take more medicine to compensate for a missed dose.

What happens if I overdose?

A L-Methylfolate Formula overdose is unlikely to cause life-threatening effects.

What should be avoided?

If your doctor prescribes any restrictions regarding food, beverage, or activity, follow their instructions.

Interaction with other drug

Tell your doctor if you are taking any new medications or if you will stop using any of your current ones.

  • Capecitabine;
  • Fluoxetine (prozac);
  • Isotretinoin;
  • Methotrexate;
  • Methylprednisolone;
  • Pancrelipase;
  • Pyrimethamine;
  • Triamterene;
  • Trimethoprim;
  • Warfarin (coumadin, jantoven);
  • Birth-control pills
  • Metformin is an oral diabetes medication (glucophage, avandamet, metaglip, and others).
  • Aspirin, naproxen, celecoxib (aleve), diclofenac (indomethacin), indomethacin (meloxicam), and other nsaids;
  • Seizure medicine: carbamazepine, lamotrigine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, primidone, and valproic acid.

This list is incomplete. Other drugs, such as vitamins and herbs, may interact with l-methylfolate. This medication guide does not list all possible interactions.