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Generic name: estramustine [ES-traMUS-teen]

Drug classes: Antineoplastics and hormones Mitotic inhibitors

What is Emcyt?

Emcyt is a treatment for advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.Emcyt can also be employed for other purposes that are not covered in this guideline for medication.

Side effects of Emcyt

Contact a medical professional immediately. If you are experiencing symptoms that indicate an allergy, such as asthma, hives, and swelling of your lips, face, and tongue,Emcyt could cause severe adverse effects. Take a break from Emcyt and consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from:

  • Heart issues, heart issues, breathing problems, shortness of breath (even at a moderate level of exertion) swelling, and weight gain. Chest pressure or pain that spreads into your shoulder or jaw, nausea, sweating;
  • Symptoms of a stroke—sudden weakening or numbness (especially on the opposite part of your body) or an extreme headache and slurred speech. Balance issues
  • Indications for a blood clot within the lung: chest pain, abrupt breath, wheezing and rapid breathing, and coughing up blood
  • Symptoms of a blood clot deep within the body, such as swelling, warmth, or redness on the leg or arm.

Common adverse effects of Emcyt could include:

  • Breast tenderness or swelling;
  • Impotence;
  • Nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach;
  • Trouble breathing, swelling;
  • Leg cramps;
  • Abnormal tests for liver function.

This is not a comprehensive list of possible side effects, and other side effects could occur. Consult your physician for advice regarding medical effects. Report any adverse reactions directly to the FDA by calling their 24-hour hotline: 1-800-FDA-1088.

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Do not take Emcyt when you suffer from an enlargement of a vein triggered by the formation of a blood clot or you've ever experienced any allergic reactions in response to estradiol and nitrogen mustard.

Before you take this drug

It is not recommended to use Emcyt in the event that you are allergic to estradiol or nitrogen mustard.It is possible that you will not be able to take this treatment if you suffer from an uncontrolled blood clot or swelling of a vein triggered by the blood clot.Tell your doctor immediately if you have ever suffered from:

  • An artery clot in the blood, a stroke, or a heart attack;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hypertension (hypertension);
  • Coronary condition (also known as coronary arterial disease (atherosclerosis));
  • Congestive heart failure;
  • Migraine headaches;
    epilepsy or any other seizure disorder
  • Either high or low amounts of calcium found in the blood.
  • The liver condition;
  • Kidney disease
  • A bone disorder, like osteoporosis or paget's disease.

If a father has one of his children through Emcyt, that baby may be born with birth defects. Use condoms to stop pregnancy while you are taking your treatment. Consult your physician about how long you'll need to continue using condoms after you stop using this medication.

How to take Emcyt?

Follow the directions on your prescription label, and review all medication guides and instructions sheets. Make sure you use the medication exactly as prescribed.Use Emcyt when you have an empty stomach at least one hour prior to or two hours after the meal.Drink Emcyt in the water, but not in conjunction with milk or any other dairy products.Emcyt dosages are based on weight (especially for teenagers and children). Your dosage requirements could change as you gain or lose weight.It can take up to 90 days before you get the full benefits of Emcyt. Your doctor will decide the time frame for treatment.It is possible that you will require frequent blood tests. Your blood pressure could require regular checking.This medication can alter the results of certain tests. Inform any physician who is treating you that you're taking Emcyt.Keep it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze.

What happens if I miss the dose?

You should take the medication as quickly as you are able, but do not take any missed doses if it's nearing the time to take the next dose. Don't have two doses at one time.

What happens if I overdose?

For medical emergencies, seek emergency medical attention or contact for help at the Poison Helpline at 1-800-222-1222.

What should be avoided?

Do not consume Emcyt with milk products made from milk calcium supplements or calcium-rich food items like yogurt, ice cream, broccoli, and so on.Beware of antacids or supplements for vitamins and minerals with calcium. Calcium makes it more difficult for your body to absorb Emcyt.

Interaction with other drug

Other medications can affect Emcyt, such as prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Inform your physician about the medicines you are currently taking as well as any medications you are about to start or stop taking.



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