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Generic name:  chlorpheniramine [KLOR fen-IR-a meen].

Brand names:Aller-, Allergy Relief (Chlorpheniramine) Ed-Chlor Ped Jr., Wal-finate Allergy Relief,… display all 14 brands
Drug class: antihistamines

What is Ed-Chlortan?

Ed Chlortan is an antihistamine that decreases the effects of the natural chemical histamine within the body. Histamine is known to cause nose sneezing, itching, watery eyes, as well as a runny nose.Ed-Chlortan is a treatment for nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, and eyes that are watery due to allergies, the typical cold, and influenza.Ed-Chlortan is also used for reasons not mentioned in this medication guide.

Side effects of Ed-Chlortan

See a doctor immediately. If you notice any of the following symptoms that indicate reactions to an allergen, such as hives: difficulty breathing and swelling of your lips, face, and tongue,

Ed-Chlortan may cause serious side effects. Stop using it and notify your doctor immediately. If you suffer from:

  • Heart rate that is irregular or fast;
  • Mood shifts;
  • Tremor, seizure (convulsions);
  • Bleeding or bruising that is easy or bleeding, an unusual weakness
  • Having a shortness of breath having a shortness of breath
  • Very little or no urine.

Common negative side effects of Ed-Chlortan can be:

  • Dizziness, drowsiness;
  • Dry mouth, nose, dry mouth, or throat
  • Constipation;
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling anxious or feeling anxious

This isn't an exhaustive list of possible side effects, and others could happen. Consult your physician for advice regarding medical adverse effects. You can report symptoms to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Similar or related drugs

prednisone, fluticasone nasal, cetirizine, loratadine, benadryl, triamcinolone, and diphenhydramine


Always consult a physician prior to giving a cold or cough medicine to an infant. Death can occur because of the improper use of cough and cold medicine by very young children.It is not recommended to use Ed-Chlortan in the case of narrow glaucoma, a blockage of the stomach or intestines, an enlarged prostate, if you're not able to urinate, or if you're experiencing an asthma attack.

Prior to use this drug

You shouldn't make use of Ed-Chlortan in case you are allergic to the chemical or suffer from:

  • Narrow-angle glaucoma;
  • An obstruction in the stomach or intestines of your body;
  • Prostate cancer;
  • If you're unable to urinate,
  • If you're experiencing asthma attacks,

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it's appropriate for you to take Ed-Chlortan in the event that you suffer from:

  • A blockage in the stomach (stomach and intestines) or a colostomy or ileostomy
  • Kidney disease or liver failure;
  • Asthma, COPD asthma, coughs with mucus, or a cough that is caused by smoke, emphysema, or a chronic cough;
  • High blood pressure, heart disease, coronary artery disease, or a recent cardiac attack
  • Epilepsy or another seizure;
  • Problems with urination;
  • Pheochromocytoma (an adrenal gland's tumor)
  • Thyroid that is overactive.

FDA pregnancy classification A. Ed-Chlortan should not be thought to harm an unborn baby. Do not take this medication without your doctor's approval if you're expecting a baby.Chlorpheniramine could be present in the breast milk and cause harm to the nursing infant. Antihistamines could cause a decrease in breast milk production. Do not take this medication without a doctor's advice if breastfeeding infants.Artificially sweetened cold medicines may contain phenylalanine. If you suffer from the condition known as phenylketonuria (PKU), look over the label on your medication to determine whether the product contains phenylalanine.

How to take  Ed-Chlortan?

Follow the directions on the label or as recommended by your physician. Don't use in greater than smaller amounts or for longer than suggested. Ed-Chlortan should be taken only for a short period of time until symptoms improve.Do not take more than seven days consecutively. Discuss with your doctor when your symptoms do not improve after seven days of treatment or if you experience an illness that causes fever and headache or a skin eruption.Don't crush, chew, or break an extended-release tablet. Take it in whole. In the event of breaking the pill, it could result in too much medication being released simultaneously.Measure the liquid medicine using a spoon that is specifically designed for measuring doses or a medicine cup, not the standard tablespoon. If you don't have a device for measuring doses, inquire with your pharmacist to get one.Always consult with a doctor prior to distributing the medicine for a cold or cough to the child. Death can occur due to the misuse of cold or cough medicine by very young children.If you require an operation or other medical examination, notify the doctor or surgeon before the appointment time if you took this medication within the last few days.Keep it at room temperature, far from heat and moisture. Make sure that you do not let the liquid version of this medicine become frozen.

What happens if I miss the dose?

Because this medication is only administered when you need it, you might not be following a regular dosing regimen. If you take the medication frequently, you should take the missed dose whenever you remember. Don't miss your missed dosage if it's nearing the time for the next dose. Do not take additional medicine to make up for the missed dose.

What happens if I overdose?

For medical emergencies, seek emergency medical attention or contact the Poison Help Line toll-free at 1-800-222-1222.The symptoms of an overdose can include severe manifestations of some of the adverse effects outlined in this drug guide.

What should be avoided?

Ed-Chlortan can cause blurred vision or even impair your reaction or thinking. Be cautious when driving or engaging in activities that require that you be aware and capable of seeing clearly.Alcohol consumption can cause an increase in certain adverse effects of chlorpheniramine.Talk to your doctor or pharmacist prior to using any other cough, cold, allergy, or sleep medication. Antihistamines are found in a variety of combinations of medicines. Combining certain medications could cause you to take excessive levels of a particular medication. Look at the label to determine the presence of an antihistamine.Beware of becoming dehydrated or overheated during workouts and hot temperatures. Ed-Chlortan is a dehydrator that can reduce your sweating and cause you to be more susceptible to a heart attack.

Interaction with other drugs

If you are taking Ed-Chlortan along with other medicines that make you sleepy or cause breathing problems, this can increase the severity of these effects. Consult your physician before using this medication together with a sleeping medication, opioid pain medicine, muscle relaxer, or any medication to treat anxiety, depression, or seizures.Consult a physician or pharmacist prior to using this medication if you're taking any other medications that include prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal products. Certain medicines may cause undesirable or even dangerous reactions when combined. Some interactions may not be included in this guideline for medications.