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Generically: docetaxel Docetaxel doe-se-TAX-el Docetaxel [ doe-se-TAX-el
The class of drug: mitotic inhibitors

What is Taxotere?

Taxotere is a cancer treatment that blocks the spread and growth of cancerous cells within the body. Taxotere is a treatment for tumors of the breast and lung cancer. It also treats prostate cancer, stomach cancer and neck cancer. Taxotere can also be used for reasons not mentioned in this guideline for medication.


Taxotere is known to cause serious adverse reactions, which can lead to death, particularly if you are taking high doses, you suffer from liver disease or if you suffer from lung cancer that is not small cell and you've had treatment in the past by chemotherapy that contained platinum (cisplatin carboplatin, oxaliplatin, or). Taxotere could also trigger an allergy that is life-threatening. Get emergency medical assistance if you experience itchy skin, hives itchy rash, breathing difficulties and if you are feeling like you're going to pass out or experience swelling on your lips, face or tongue.

There could be intestinal swelling, that could lead to the death of your loved ones quickly. Call your doctor immediately if you notice stomach tenderness or pain as well as diarrhea or fever. The doctor will prescribe a steroid medicine to reduce fluid retention. Consult your physician when you notice swelling in your legs, rapid weight gain, or breath shortness. Taxotere is a drug that can reduce the number of blood cells, which helps your body fight off infections and ensure that your blood can get clots. Your blood needs to be checked frequently.

Prior to Use this Drug

Taxotere is not a good option. If you suffer from:

  • An insufficient count of the white blood cells (WBC) count or
  • A history of severe allergic reactions to docetaxel or any other medicine containing polysorbate 80.

Discuss with your doctor your entire medical history and any medication you've taken. Docetaxel may cause serious adverse effects, including death, particularly:

  • If you are exposed to high doses of medication;
  • If you suffer from liver disease or
  • If you are suffering from non-small-cell lung cancer, and have had treatment in the past by chemotherapy that contained platinum (cisplatin, carboplatin and the oxaliplatin).

To ensure that Taxotere is suitable for you, ask your doctor if previously had:

  • Liver disease;
  • Heart disease;
  • The tumor lymphoma (rapid break-up of cancer cells);
  • Fluid retention; or
  • If you drink alcohol.

Utilizing Taxotere can increase your chance of developing other forms of cancer (such as leukemia, non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, as well as kidney cancer). The risk can persist for months or even years following the treatment with Taxotere. Consult your physician regarding your particular risk.

Docetaxel could harm an unborn child and cause birth defects when either the father or mother is taking this medication.

  • If you're female, do not use docetaxel if expecting. It is possible that you will need an unconfirmed pregnancy test prior to beginning this treatment. Make sure you are using effective birth control to avoid pregnancy while taking this medicine, and at least six months after the last dose.
  • If you're male, use effective birth control if you are a partner with a sex who is capable of becoming pregnant. Use birth control for a minimum of 3 months after the last dose.
  • Inform your doctor immediately when you notice a pregnancy during the time that one of the mothers or father is taking Taxotere.

Docetaxel can impact fertility (ability to be a parent) in males. It could be more difficult for males to induce a woman into pregnancy while taking Taxotere. Birth control should be used to stop pregnancy since docetaxel could affect a newborn baby. Don't breastfeed when you are taking Taxotere, and for at least one week following the last dose.

What exactly is Taxotere?

Taxotere can be given as an infusion to the vein. Your healthcare provider will offer you the injection. You could also get other cancer medications simultaneously.

Taxotere is a risk in the event that it comes into contact with the skin when you receive your IV treatment. If this occurs, wash off with detergent and water. Inform your healthcare providers if you are experiencing any pain, burning, or swelling in the area around your IV needle after docetaxel is administered.

There is a possibility that you will require regular medical tests to make sure this medication does not cause adverse side effects. The treatment for cancer may be delayed based on the results. Vision may also need to be assessed.

There is a chance that you will be prescribed steroids to prevent fluid retention. Continue to take the medication for the duration your physician prescribes.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Contact your doctor for advice in the event that you do not make an appointment for the injection or do not take the medication for steroids.

What happens if I overdose?

Get medical attention in an emergency or contact the poison help line at 1-800-222-1222.

Avoid this

Taxotere could affect your reactions or thinking for a short period of time following every injection. Be aware when driving or doing any activity that requires you to be aware.Beware of those who are ill or suffering from infections. Contact your doctor right away in the event that you show symptoms of an infection.

Avoid activities that increase the chances of sustaining injuries or bleeding. Take extra care to avoid bleeding when shaving or brushing your teeth. Taxotere is a drink that can induce a feeling of drunkenness when the medication is injected into your vein. Beware of drinking alcohol prior to the Taxotere injection.

Docetaxel is a drug that can be absorbed into the body fluids (urine and feces as well as vomit). At least for the first 48 hours following the time you received an injection, do not allow the body fluids of your body to touch your hands or any other surfaces. Caregivers must wear gloves made of rubber when cleaning up the body of a patient's fluids, handling toxic trash or laundry, or changing diapers. Wash hands after taking off gloves. Cleanse linens and clothing that has been soiled separate from the other laundry.

Side effects of Taxotere

It is possible to experience an allergic reaction that could be life-threatening. Get emergency medical assistance if you exhibit symptoms for an allergy reaction due to Taxotere such as itching, red skin rash, coughing up, tight chest difficulty breathing; feeling like you could faint or pass out; swelling of your lips, face or tongue.

You could have intestinal swelling, that could lead to the death of your loved ones quickly. Call your doctor immediately if you notice abdominal pain or tenderness, diarrhea or fever.

There are some side effects that can happen after the injection. Contact your physician when you feel dizzy, or if you are having trouble breathing, or if you experience fast or irregular heartbeats.

Contact your doctor at the earliest opportunity if you are suffering from:

  • Burns, pain or skin changes after the injection was administered
  • Suddenly experiencing vision problems, including blurred or lost vision;
  • Swelling or redness in your legs or arms;
  • Skin inflammation skin rash, redness, blistering bleeding, peeling, or tiny white or red bumps that have pus;
  • Burning, numbness, or tingling sensations in your feet or hands;
  • Muscles weakness in your legs, arms feet, hands, or arms;
  • Swelling in the abdomen, rapid weight gain, shortness of breath.
  • Indications of a tumor cell's breakdown muscles cramps nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a fast or slow pulse, or tingling in your mouth;
  • The feeling of being drunk - stumbles, confusion, extreme drowsiness
  • Liver issues upper stomach discomfort, lack in appetite, dark urine stools that are colored with clay or jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin) or
  • Low blood cells (fever, chills, fatigue , mouth sores, skin sores, easy bruising, unusual bleeding, pale skin feet and hands as well as feeling lightheaded.

Some side effects are more common in older people.

The treatment you receive for cancer could be delayed or completely stopped in the event of certain negative side negative effects.

Common side effects of Taxotere include:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Tissue injury (if docetaxel is leaking through tissues);
  • The sensation of warmth, swelling, tenderness dryness, redness or a darkened appearance of the skin after the injection was made;
  • Lower blood count and infections;
  • Lip or mouth sores change taste sensations;
  • Nausea and vomiting, as well as nausea, vomiting,
  • Constipation, diarrhea;
  • Being breathless;
  • Eye watery eyes, redness;
  • Being tired or weak;
  • Swelling in your feet, hands, or face;
  • Joint or muscle pain;
  • Loss of hair (may become permanent certain instances) hair loss;
  • Changes in fingernails or toenails.

This isn't a complete list of possible side effects, and other side effects could be present. Contact your doctor to seek medical advice on the effects. You can report any adverse reactions to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Interaction with other drugs

Taxotere is a drink that contains alcohol. Utilizing other substances that make you feel sleepy could increase the sensation of being drunk. Consult your physician before taking an opioid pain medication or a muscle relaxer or medicine to treat depression, anxiety seizures, or depression.