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Lisocabtagene maraleucel

Generic name: lisocabtagene maraleucel [LIS-oh-KAB-ta-jeen-MAR-a-LOOsel]
Brand name: Breyanzi
Intravenous suspension
Drug class: miscellaneous anti-cancer agents

What is Lisocabtagene Maraleucel?

Lisocabtagene Maraleucel, an immunotherapy medication, is used to treat adults with large B-cell lymphoma. Lisocabtagene Maraleucel can only be given after two other cancer therapies have failed or stopped working.Lisocabtagene Maraleucel can be made by removing white blood cells from the blood drawn through a vein.This medication guide does not list all possible uses for Lisocabtagene Maraleucel.

Side effects of Lisocabtagene maraleucel

If you experience any of the following symptoms of an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical attention: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, face, tongue, or throat.Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) is a serious but common side effect of the drug lisocabtagene. If you experience any of the following symptoms, tell your carer immediately: fever; chills; dizziness; and confusion. nausea. diarrhea.  Fast heartbeats. Your carers have medications available to treat CRS quickly if it occurs.

Lisocabtagene Maraleucel can cause serious side effects. If you experience:

  • Speech problems;
  • Memory problems, confusion, difficulty concentrating;
  • Reduced consciousness
  • Tremors, or a seizure;
  • Signs of infection: fever, chills, and tiredness. Mouth sores or skin sores Easy bruising. Unusual bleeding. Pale skin. Cold hands and feet. Feeling light-headed.

Side effects of lisocabtagene Maraleucel include:

  • Headache, dizziness;
  • Confuse yourself with problems in speech or thinking.
  • Fever, chills, shaking;
  • Nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain;
  • Diarrhoea, constipation;
  • Fast or irregular heartbeats
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Pain in your joints, muscles, or bones

There may be other side effects. For medical advice on side effects, call your doctor. To report adverse effects, you can contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.


This medicine can cause serious side effects, including cytokine-release syndrome. These symptoms include fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. If this occurs, your carers have medications to treat it quickly.

Before you take this drug

Inform your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Hepatitis C;
  • If you received a vaccination within the last 6 weeks,

You may be at greater risk of developing cancer if you use lisocabtagene. You should talk to your doctor about this.Tell your doctor whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding.Before starting the treatment, you may need to take a pregnancy test.

How to take Lisocabtagene Maraleucel?

Only authorized hospitals or clinics can provide Lisocabtagene Maraleucel, which must be administered by specially-trained healthcare professionals.Lisocabtagene maraleucel is given after a procedure called leukapheresis (LOO-kuh-fuh-REE-sis).Leukapheresis is the process of collecting some of your own blood through a catheter that's placed in a vein. The catheter is attached to a machine that separates white blood cells and other blood components.The cells are sent to a lab, where they are turned into lisocabtagene Maraleucel. It will take some time to convert your blood into lisocabtagene Maraleucel. Therefore, you won't receive your medicine the same day that your blood is drawn.Pre-treatment with chemotherapy is usually given 2–7 days prior to the lisocabtagene Maraleucel treatment. This helps prepare your body to receive lisocabtagene Maraleucel.Your healthcare provider will administer the lisocabtagene Maraleucel as an intravenous infusion once your body is ready.Other medications may be prescribed to prevent allergic reactions or serious side effects. Continue to use these medications as prescribed by your doctor.Plan to stay at least four weeks near the hospital or clinic that treated you with lisocabtagene Maraleucel.Lisocabtagene Maraleucel can affect your immune system. You could get more infections, including serious or deadly infections.If you have ever had hepatitis B before, lisocabtagene Maraleucel may cause the virus to become active again or worsen. You may require frequent liver function testing.

What happens if I miss the dose?

If you miss your appointment for pre-treatment chemotherapy, call your doctor to get instructions. Timing is crucial for the success of treatment for lymphoma.

What happens if I overdose?

Overdoses are unlikely because lisocabtagene is administered by a health professional in a medical environment.

What should be avoided?

This medicine may cause confusion, memory problems, or seizures. Do not drive or operate machinery for 8 weeks following treatment with lisocabtagene.Don't donate organs, tissue, or cells to transplant.

Interaction with other drug

Lisocabtagene Maraleucel may interact with other drugs, such as prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Inform your doctor of all the medicines you are taking and those that you stop or start using.