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Abilify Maintena

Generic name: aripiprazole lauroxil (injection) [ AR-i-PIP-ra-zole ]

Drug class: Atypical antipsychotics

What is Abilify Maintena?

Abilify Maintena (aripiprazole) extended-release injectable is employed as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other aripiprazole formulations in order to manage schizophrenia (a mental disorder that causes troublesome or abnormal thinking, lack of interest in daily activities, and heightened or unintentional emotions).

Abilify Maintena can also be used in the treatment of patients suffering from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive disorder, a disease that triggers depression-like episodes or manic episodes and various other mood swings)

Abilify Maintena is part of a group of drugs known as Atypical antipsychotics. It alters the activities of certain organic substances within the brain.

Abilify Maintena is an extended-release, injectable suspension of Aripiprazole, which only needs to be administered once every month.


Abilify Maintena is not a prescription drug for patients with psychotic issues that are related to dementia. Aripiprazole can enhance the likelihood of death for patients with dementia-related psychosis.

Before taking this medication, you must consult your physician.

You shouldn't be treated by Abilify Maintena if you're intolerant to the drug aripiprazole.

Speak to your doctor if you haven't taken Abilify Maintena.

Abilify Maintena can raise the chance of dying in elderly patients suffering from dementia-related psychosis. However, it isn't recommended for use in this manner.

To ensure that Abilify Maintena is appropriate for you, ask your doctor if you previously had:

  • A problem when receiving an injection into the buttocks or in the arm;

  • The heart disease, stroke, or stroke

  • Excessive (or high blood pressure or;

  • High blood sugar levels, diabetes (in the family member of you);

  • A seizure;

  • High cholesterol or triglycerides

  • Dehydration or

  • Low white blood cell (WBC) counts of white blood cells (WBC).

The use of antipsychotic medication within the last three months of pregnancy can create serious health issues in the baby. Tell your doctor right away if you get pregnant. Don't stop taking the medication without consulting with your doctor.

If you're pregnant and you are a registered mother, your name could be included on a registry of pregnancy to track any effects of Aripiprazole on the infant.

Check with your doctor for advice on whether it is safe to breastfeed while taking this medicine.

Similar/related drugs

Quetiapine, lamotrigine, Abilify, Seroquel, aripiprazole, olanzapine, risperidoneWhat exactly can I tell if Abilify Maintena provided?

Take Abilify Maintena according to the prescription of your physician. If you have already used another antipsychotic medication and are unable to stop, you could require to continue using it for a brief period of time. Do not alter your dose or frequency of doses without consulting your physician.

If you've never had the pleasure of using Abilify Maintena before, you might have to take aripiprazole through the mouth (in tablets in liquid or tablet form) prior to receiving the first injection.

You'll need to keep using aripiprazole via mouth for 14 days following the first injection. Follow the instructions of your doctor for dosing with care.

Abilify Maintena is an injection into a muscle. Your healthcare professional will administer this injection at least every 4-8 weeks. The doctor can alter the dosage and timing of your injections.

Your blood sugar levels will have to be tested regularly as well as you might need additional medical tests.

Dosing Information

Usual Adult Dose for Schizophrenia:

Aripiprazole Extended-Release IM Suspension:

Initial dosage 400 mg IM once; then continue taking aripiprazole IR 10-20 mg daily orally for 14 days.

Maintaining dose: 300-400 mg IM once per month. The dosage should never be administered within 26 days of the injection that was previously administered.


Prior to starting treatment with extended-release IM formulations, tolerance should be determined using oral formulations. It can take between 2 and 4 weeks to assess how well the drug is tolerated due to the short half-life of aripiprazole.

-The first dose of the extended-release IM formulation should be given on the same day as the initiation/re-initiation dose; providers should avoid injecting both formulations in the same deltoid or gluteal muscle.

Providers whose patients experience adverse reactions when taking the 400 mg/month of extended-release IM suspension doses should look at reducing the dose to 300 mg/month.

Adjustments to the dosage regimen (including the addition of oral supplementation) are required for missed doses.

Usual Adult Dose for Bipolar Disorder:

Aripiprazole Extended-Release IM Suspension:

Initial dosage 400 mg IM once; continue to aripiprazole IR 10-20 mg once daily for 14 days

Maintaining dosage: 300 to 400 mg IM every month. The dosage should never be administered within 26 days of the last injection.


Providers whose patients experience adverse reactions to the 400 mg/month of extended-release IM suspension doses might look at reducing the dose to 300 mg/month.

The recommended dose for maintenance therapy is the same dose that is required to stabilize patients in acute treatment. Healthcare providers must periodically review the requirements for maintenance therapy.


Acute treatment for mixed and manic episodes that are caused by bipolar disorder

Treatment of mixed and manic episodes of bipolar disorder in monotherapy or as an alternative with lithium and valproate

Treatment for maintenance of bipolar I disorder in monotherapy or as an adjunct to lithium or the valproate

Maintenance monotherapy treatment for bipolar I disorder.

What Happens If I Miss a Dose?

Contact your doctor for advice If you do not make an appointment for your Aripiprazole injection.

If you fail to take either the third or second dose, If you miss the third dose, and

  • If more than four weeks but less than five weeks have passed since your last injection, give the injection as quickly as you can.

  • If more than five weeks have passed since the previous injection, start again and take oral aripiprazole for 14 days before the next injection.

If the 4th or subsequent doses are not taken:

  • If more than four weeks or less than six weeks have passed since the last injection, give the injection as quickly as you can.

  • If it has been more than six weeks since the last injection, re-inject and take aripiprazole orally for 14 days prior to the next injection.

What Happens If I Overdose?

Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 if you have a medical emergency.

The symptoms of an overdose can include sleepiness as well as shallow or weak breathing, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and tremors. Other symptoms include confusion, tremors, rapid, slow, or 

What Should be Avoided while taking Abilify Maintena?

Be careful not to get up too fast from lying or sitting in a position where you get dizzy. Avoid driving or doing any hazardous activities until you understand the effects of this medication on your body. Drowsiness or dizziness can lead to accidents, falls, or serious injuries.

Avoid drinking or consuming alcohol.

Dangerous side effects may be experienced.

Avoid getting dehydrated or too hot when exercising, in the heat, or simply due to not drinking enough fluids. Take plenty of fluids during the time you take Abilify Maintena.

Avoid tanning beds or sunlight. Be sure to wear protective attire and apply sunblock (SPF 30 or greater) whenever you're outside.

Side Effects of Abilify Maintena

See a doctor immediately If you notice

symptoms warning signs of an allergic reaction

such as hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of your lips, face, and tongue.

Long-term use or high doses of aripiprazole may cause serious movement disorders, which may not be reversible. The longer you are using Abilify Maintena it is, the higher chance you will be to be affected by this condition, particularly in the case of women or older people.

You might experience more sexual urges, unusual cravings towards gambling, or any other intense cravings when you are taking this medication. Consult your physician in the event of this.

Abilify Maintena can result in severe adverse effects. Contact your physician immediately If you suffer from:

  • Muscles that are not controlled in your facial muscles (chewing or smacking your lips, mouth movement, frowning, blinking, or eye movements);

  • Experiencing unusually cold or hot;

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • A seizure;

  • The feeling that you are about to get the feeling that you could (even when lying down);

  • Serious nervous system response

    Very strenuous (rigid) muscles and excessive fever sweating, confusion, rapid or irregular heartbeats, tremors and tremors; feeling like you're going to pass out;

  • Low blood cells

    (fever, chills, tiredness, oral sores, skin sores, easy bruising, unusual bleeding, pale skin on feet and hands, and feeling lightheaded or short of breath.

  • Symptoms of

    such as chills, fever, sore throat or body aches, hunger, fatigue bleeding or bruising or

  • High blood sugar

    increases thirst, more frequent urination, dried mouth, and fruity smell.

Common Side Effects of Abilify Maintena include:

  • Being restless;

  • Pain where the medicine was injected

  • Weight gain weight gain

  • Drowsiness.

This isn't an exhaustive list of possible side effects, and others could happen. Consult your doctor for medical advice on the side effects. You can contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report any adverse effects.

Interaction with Other Drugs

There are times when it's not recommended to take certain medicines simultaneously. Certain drugs may affect the blood levels and the other drugs you take, which could create side effects or render the medication less effective.

Inform your doctor about all the medications you take. A variety of drugs can alter Abilify Maintena, particularly:

  • blood pressure medication;

  • A benzodiazepine sedative such as the Valium, Klonopin as well as Xanax;

  • A bronchodilator asthma medicine;

  • Cold or allergy medication ( Benadryl and others);

  • Medicine to treat the symptoms of an overactive bladder;

  • medication for treating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease treatment for Parkinson's disease

  • Medicine to treat stomach disorders, motion sickness, and IBS.

This list isn't complete, and a variety of other medications could interfere with Aripiprazole. This includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements. There are many possible interactions between drugs that are included here.