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How To Reset Your Nervous System? 13 Effective Methods

Are you someone with a sensitive nervous system and want to know how to reset it? Or do you want to know natural methods to stay relaxed? We have got you covered. 

Here, we will share the 13 most effective techniques to reset your system. These natural methods will help in reducing stress or anxiety caused by any trauma or events you have faced. Practicing them will repair or revive the lost abilities of your CNS. These are natural and easy-to-practice remedies without any side effects. 

After reading this article, you can recover from problems you are facing with your nervous system, stay stress-free, and live a healthy life. Let’s start uncovering the details of these techniques one by one.   

Deep Breaths

Deep breaths can help you alot in stressful situations. There are different beneficial breathing exercises in this regard you can practice. These techniques help you get out of fight-or-flight responses and make the right decisions. Here are some of the most popular breathing techniques;

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Belly breathing
  • Mindfulness
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Three deep breaths
  • Pursed lip breathing
  • Resonance breathing 

Cold Shower

The following technique to reset your nervous system is taking a cold shower. Several studies have proved that cold showers can help reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also causes more dopamine. 


Next on our list is tapping. Tapping is a famous Chinese technique that modern psychology has proved to reduce stress. It is also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You can practice it by following the steps below. 

  • Diagnose the problem causing stress.
  • Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Tap and recite relaxing verses. 

Listening to Music, Singing Or Dancing

Listening to music, singing, and dancing will also help you relax. If you don’t want to sing, try humming or chanting. These activate your vagal nerves, a crucial part of our parasympathetic nervous system. It will help you escape the “fight or flight” response. 

Spend Time With Your Family, Friends Or Pet

The following beneficial technique to reset your nervous system is spending time around the people you love. It may include your family members, friends, or even your pets. These are usually the people you are emotionally attached to. Spending some time will calm your mind. 

Walking, Exercise Or Sports

The following method to repair your nervous system is performing any physical activity. It may include walking, exercising, going to the gym, or playing your favorite sport like football. It is a breather to me. These activities improve both your physical and mental health.  

Stay Optimistic

Staying optimistic also helps in keeping you relaxed. Try to avoid negative things. It includes sitting with negative people, watching or listening to them, and even reading a negative book can also influence your mind. Always say positive as they say it’s not the problem we face that matters, but the response we will give is what matters. 


Although you may be wondering if cuddling can help relax your nervous system, it does. A love hormone in our body, oxytocin, is activated when you cuddle. It helps calm your mind and settle your nerves. So hugging or cuddling the person is always a good idea.    

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

PRM (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) is a reputable exercise that reduces stress or anxiety. Practicing this technique will also help you keep calm and boost your nervous system. Here is a guide on how to use this technique. 


The next technique we are going to look at in resetting your nervous system is Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a treatment done with the help of beneficial oils. Here is how you can practice this technique.

  • Select essential oils
  • Get quality essential oils
  • Invest in accessories, e.g., a diffuser or roller bottles 
  • Choose an application method Like Inhalation, topical application, or massage
  • Mindful breathing in the environment 

Keep Smiling

Smiling or laughing can also help in resetting your nervous system. It helps relieve stress and improve your mood. A good laugh from your heart will keep your muscles relaxed for 45 minutes. It helps reduce stress hormones and boosts your immune system.

Doing The Things You Love

Any bad traumatic experience can have several impacts on you. You may lose interest in doing the activities you love to do. Keep doing the things which make you happy, and you love them. These may include your favorite hobbies, eating your favorite snacks, visiting your friends, etc. It will help in resetting your nervous system. 

Other Minor Tips

The last method we will share is a combination of some practical tips. These are also beneficial when stressed, angry, or going through challenging situations. These can also help you escape the “fight or flight” response. Here are the techniques which can be beneficial in such cases;

  • Chewing Ice or other chewable fidgets
  • Sitting in front of a fan to your face
  • Using a heavy blanket

Final Words

These were the 13 natural and most effective ways to reset your nervous system. The unique thing about these methods is there are no risks associated with these methods. Moreover, you can practice them at home without seeing a doctor or therapist.

If you take any central nervous system medicines, practicing these techniques will also boost their impact. If you don’t feel any difference after practicing these methods, you should probably seek medical help. 


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