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 A/B Otic


The generic name is: Antipyrine and Benzocaine Otic Solution

Name of Brands: A/B Otic, Auralgan

Dosage format: Ear drops

Drug classification: Ear Analgesic and Anesthetic Combination

What's the A/B Otic?

A/B Otic is an ear drop remedy combining active benzocaine and antipyrine ingredients. It helps to ease the discomfort and pain caused by inflammation of the ear or ear.


  • A/B Otic shouldn't be utilized when a patient has an eardrum that is perforated or other ear disorders.
  • Don't use A/B Otic If you are allergic to one of its components.
  • Tell your physician if you are nursing, pregnant, or suffer from any allergic reactions.

Before Taking The Medication

Before taking A/B Otic, Inform your physician about any current medical condition such as allergies or treatment.

How to Take A/B Otic?

  • Bring the drops to room temperature before taking them out by holding the container in your hands for several minutes.
  • It would help to lay on your side with your affected ear pointing toward the sky.
  • The earlobe should be pulled up and down to straighten the ear canal.
  • Inject the recommended number of drops into your ear canal.

Information on Dosage

The dose of A/B Otic generally ranges from three to four drops within the affected ear 3 to 4 times per every day or as prescribed by your doctor.

What Happens If I Miss a Dose?

If you miss a dose, do it as quickly as you can remember. If it's getting just before the date for the next dose, you can skip the dose you missed and proceed following your usual dosing regimen.

What Happens If I Overdose?

Overdosing on A/B Otic is not likely due to applying its creams to the skin. But, if you believe you've overdosed or have strange symptoms, you should consult a physician.

What Should be Avoided?

  • Do not insert any object or cotton swabs in the ear canal.
  • Avoid using A/B Otic when there is a perforated eardrum.

The Side Effects:

Mild Side Effects Commonly, mild side effects can be:

  • The sensation of burning or stinging may be temporary within the ear
  • Mild discomfort

Adverse effects: Severe negative side effects are uncommon. However, they can be:

  • Allergy reactions
  • Acute irritation or discomfort
  • Troubles with hearing

Interaction with Other Drugs

There aren't any known interactions between drugs and A/B Otic. But, it is essential to let your physician know of all the medications you're using, which includes over-the-counter medications and other supplements.



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Pregnancy & Lactation

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