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Generic name: brexanolone [brex-AN-oh-lone]
Classification of drugs: Miscellaneous antidepressants

What is Zulresso?

Zulresso is a prescription medication that is used to treat postpartum depression.

Zulresso is available only through a specific program because it could result in excessive drowsiness or the abrupt disappearance of consciousness. You must be enrolled in the program and fully understand the dangers and benefits of this medication.Zulresso is administered as an intravenous infusion that is continuous for 60 hours.


Zulresso is a medication that can be administered in a clinic or hospital environment where you are closely monitored for any side effects.

Brexanolone can cause you to become sleepy and could make you feel sleepy or pass out. Contact your doctor when you feel dizzy or if you feel like you can't remain awake.

Before you take this drug

Zulresso is not a product that has been approved for use by anyone less than 18 years old.

To be sure Zulresso is suitable for you, ask your doctor if you've ever experienced:

  • Kidney disease kidney disease
  • If you consume large quantities of alcohol,

Some young people are concerned of suicide while taking an antidepressant. Monitor changes in mood, and symptoms. Tell your doctor immediately if you observe any change or worsening symptoms.

Brexanolone could cause harm to a baby who is not yet born. Consult your physician if you are expecting or planning to be pregnant.

If you're pregnant and you are a registered mother, your name could be included on the registry for pregnancy to monitor any effects of the brexanolone on the infant.It is not recommended to breastfeed while taking this medication. Consult your doctor regarding the potential dangers.

How to take Zulresso?

Zulresso is administered as an injection into the vein. Healthcare professionals will administer the injection in an office, hospital, or clinic.Zulresso is generally offered all day, every day, for an average of sixty hours (2.5 days).Your blood pressure, breathing, oxygen levels, and other vital signs are closely monitored.

The infusion could be stopped or discontinued permanently in the event that this medication slows the rate of breathing.Zulresso may make you extremely tired and can make you feel sleepy or cause you to fall asleep. Inform your healthcare providers that you are feeling lightheaded or that you feel you're unable to remain awake.

Your child(ren) are required to be looked after by an individual from your family or another caregiver throughout the time you are receiving treatment from Brexanolone.

Details on dosage

Usual Adult Dose for Depression:

Hours 0–4: 30 mg/kg/hr IV by continuous infusion
Hours 4 through 24 60 mg/kg/hr IV through continuous infusion
Between hours 24 and 52:90 mg/kg/hr, IV infusions that continue continuously
Hours 52 through 56 60 mg/kg/hr IV through continuous infusion
Hours 56–60: 30 mcg/kg/hr IV by continuous infusion
Therapy duration: 60 hours
To ensure appropriate control of excessive sedation, treatment should be initiated with a sufficient amount of time during the day.
Patients should be closely monitored by a physician throughout the course of the infusion.
Treatment for postpartum depression

Do I be concerned if I miss a dose?

Zulresso can be used in one dose and does not come with a daily dose schedule.

What will happen if I take excessively?

Get medical attention in an emergency or contact the poison help line at 1-800-222-1222.

The overdose may cause extreme dizziness, fainting, or reduced breathing.

What should be avoided?

Avoid drinking alcohol. Dangerous side effects can be experienced.

Avoid driving or engaging in hazardous activities until the drowsiness wears off completely. Drowsiness could cause accidents, falls, or even serious injuries.

Side effects of Zulresso

Take immediate medical attention. Get medical attention immediately if you show symptoms that indicate an allergic reaction, such as hives, breathing problems, or swelling of your lips, face, and throat.

Contact your doctor immediately. If you suffer from:

  • Excessive tiredness (feeling as if you can't remain awake and feeling that you're about to fall asleep);
  • Abrupt changes in behavior or mood
  • New or worsening depression
  • The thoughts of harming yourself.

Common Zulresso adverse effects could include:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Feeling like you might pass out;
  • Dry mouth
  • Flushing (sudden heat, redness, or tingly sensation).

It's not a comprehensive listing of all possible adverse reactions, as other reactions could be experienced. See your physician for recommendations on medical side effects. It is possible to report any adverse negative effects to the FDA by calling 1-800-FDA-1088.

Interaction with other drugs

Utilizing Zulresso in conjunction with other medications that cause you to become drowsy could increase the severity of this effect. Talk to your doctor prior to using an opioid drug, a sleeping pill, a muscle relaxer, or medication for anxiety as well as seizures.

Other drugs can be incompatible with brexanolone, such as medications that are prescribed and available over the counter, vitamins, and herbal products. Inform your physician about your current medications as well as any medications you are about to start or stop taking.