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Generic name: Eluxadoline
Drug class: mixed agonists and antagonists of peripheral opioid receptors

What is Viberzi?

Viberzi slows the digestion of food by working directly in your intestines. Eluxadoline makes your intestinal nerves less sensitive.Viberzi can be used to treat IBS when the main symptoms are diarrhoea.Viberzi can be used in other ways not mentioned in this guide.


Viberzi should not be used if you suffer from a severe liver disorder, alcoholism, or have an obstruction in your intestines.

Viberzi can cause severe pancreatitis or constipation. This could lead to hospitalization. If you experience severe constipation or if the pain spreads from your upper stomach to your back, call your doctor immediately.

Before you take this drug

Viberzi should not be used if:

  • Constipation that is severe or an obstruction in the intestines
  • If you have a history of obstruction of the gallbladder or if your gallbladder was removed,
  • The sphincter is a muscular valve that causes digestive problems.
  • Severe liver disease
  • A pancreas disorder;
  • A habit of consuming more than three alcoholic drinks per day.

Tell your doctor about any of the following to ensure that Viberzi will be safe for you:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease (or dialysis if you have it)

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.Viberzi cannot be used by anyone under the age of 18.

How to take Viberzi?

Follow the directions on your prescription label and read all medication guides or instructions sheets. Read all the instructions and directions that come with your medication. Sometimes, your doctor will change the dose. You must take the medication exactly as prescribed.

Eluxadoline can be addictive. Abusing this drug can lead to addiction, overdose, or death. It is illegal to sell or give away the medicine.Take with foodviberzi can cause severe constipation or pancreatitis, which may require hospitalization. If you experience severe constipation or severe stomach pain that spreads to your back, or if it is ongoing or severe, call your doctor immediately.

Details on dosage

Adult dose for irritable bowel syndrome:

Usual dose: 200 mg orally, twice daily.
Patients who are unable to tolerate the usual dose should have their dosage reduced to 75 mg orally, twice daily.
If constipation becomes severe, the drug should be stopped.
Use: To treat diarrhea associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

What happens if I miss the dose?

If you are almost due for your next dose, skip the missed one. Never take two doses of the same medicine at once.

What happens if I overdose?

Call 1-800-222-1222 for poison help or seek immediate medical attention.

Avoid this

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can increase the risk of pancreatic problems.

Do not take anti-diarrhoea medicines such as Loperamide or Imodium without consulting your doctor. If you take Viberzi and loperamide together, it can cause constipation.

Side effects of Viberzi

If you experience any of the following symptoms of an allergic reaction: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, face, tongue, or throat, contact emergency medical assistance.

If you experience:

  • New or worsening stomach discomfort (may be severe);
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Constipation severe;
  • Constipation lasting more than four days
  • Severe pain spreads from your upper abdomen to your back.

Older adults may experience more side effects.

Viberzi can cause a variety of side effects.

  • Constipation;
  • Nausea;
  • Stomach pain.

There may be other side effects. For medical advice on side effects, call your doctor. The FDA can be contacted at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report side effects.

Interaction with other drug

Tell your doctor all of your other medications, including:

  • Alosetron and other medications for treating irritable bowel disease;
  • Opioid pain medicine;
  • Medicine to treat mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, or
  • Cold or allergy medication (Benadryl and others);
  • Medicine to treat Parkinson’s disease
  • Medicine to treat stomach issues, motion sickness, or irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Medicine to treat overactive bowel;
  • Asthma medication bronchodilator.

This list is incomplete. Other drugs, such as vitamins and herbs, may interact with eluxadoline. This list does not include all drug interactions.



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