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Hyaluronidase, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab

Generic name: hyaluronidase, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab [HYE-al-ure-ON-i-dase, per-TOOZ-ue-mab, and-tras-TOOZ-ue-mab]

Brand name: Phesco
Dosage form: subcutaneous solution (20,000 units: 600 mg/10 mL; 30,000 units: 600 mg/15 mL)
Drug class: HER2 inhibitors

What is Hyaluronidase, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab?

Combination cancer medicine containing hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab can be used to treat breast cancer in its early stages.Treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer is also possible with hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab.Only if you have a positive test for the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 protein (HER2) will you be prescribed hyaluronidase. The HER2 protein is known to speed up the growth of cancerous cells.This medication guide does not list all the uses of pertuzumab and trastuzumab.

Side effects of Hyaluronidase, pertuzumab and trastuzumab

If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek emergency medical attention: hives or rash, fever, chills or dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, face, tongue, throat, etc.

This medication can cause serious heart or lung problems. Contact your doctor immediately if:

  • A new or worsening cough or shortness of breath
  • Fast or pounding heartbeats
  • Severe headache; blurred vision; or pounding in the neck and ears
  • You may experience swelling on your lower legs or face.
  • Rapid Weight Gain of over 5 Pounds in 24 hours;
  • Feeling lightheadedness as though they may pass out.
  • Low white blood cell count—fevers, sore throats, sore mouths, skin sores, or difficulty breathing
  • Low red blood cells (anemia): pale skin, unusual fatigue, feeling lightheaded or short of breath, cold hands and/or feet

If you experience certain side effects, your cancer treatment may be delayed or discontinued permanently.

Some of the common side effects associated with hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab include:

  • Nausea, diarrhea;
  • Anemia;
  • Feeling tired or weak
  • Hair loss;
  • Rash;
  • You may experience tingling or burning in your feet or hands.

There may be other side effects. For medical advice about potential side effects, call your physician. For reporting these side effects directly to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088, contact them.


If you experience rapid or fast heartbeats, swelling, or feel light-headed, you should call your doctor immediately.Do not use this product if you're pregnant. Use an effective contraceptive during treatment and for 7 months following your last dose.

Before you take this drug

This medicine should not be used if you have an allergy to hyaluronidase or pertuzumab.

Inform your physician of any of the following issues:

  • Congestive heart failure;
  • A heart attack or heart rhythm disorder.
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • A weakened immune system due to chemotherapy
  • Doxorubicin is used in chemotherapy.

Before starting the treatment, you may need to take a pregnancy test.Avoid using hyaluronidase or pertuzumab while pregnant. This could lead to birth defects or even death for the unborn child. You should use effective birth control during the time you are taking this medication and for 7 months following your last dose. If you suspect you may be pregnant, tell your doctor immediately.You may be asked to sign a registry if you are pregnant or if you become pregnant in the 7 months following treatment with this medication. This registry is used to monitor the effects of the medicine on your baby.Breastfeeding may not be possible while taking this medication. You should consult your doctor if you are concerned about any risks.

How to take Hyaluronidase, pertuzumab, and trastuzumab?

The injection of hyaluronidase and pertuzumab under your skin is called trastuzumab. This injection will be given by a healthcare provider.The usual dosage for hyaluronidase is once every three weeks, up to a year. You will be told by your doctor for how long you should take this medication.You will be closely monitored for 15–30 minutes to ensure that you don't have a severe reaction to the medicine.Your heart can be affected by hyaluronidase and pertuzumab for a long time. You may need to have your heart function checked every six months for at least two years after your last dose.Make sure that any doctor who treats you with chemotherapy knows you've received hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab at least seven months after your last dose.

What happens if I miss the dose?

If you are unable to attend your appointment for a hyaluronidase injection, please call your doctor.

What happens if I overdose?

Overdoses are unlikely because hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab are administered by healthcare professionals in a medical environment.

What should be avoided?

If your doctor prescribes any restrictions regarding food, beverage, or activity, follow their instructions.

Interaction with other drug

Other drugs, such as vitamins and herbal remedies, may also affect hyaluronidase pertuzumab and trastuzumab. Inform your doctor of all the medicines you are currently taking and those that you have started or stopped using.