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Harmonal Imbalance in females

What are Hormones and their functions?

Our body works on the principle of consuming and effecting mechanism when we consume food it effects and absorbed by our body then our body response and effects that’s how woman and men board body functions and cognitive functions performed by small neurochemicals hormones there are many glands found in our body which I responsible for the release of hormones and hormones are different which manage our emotions Andover response to environment when we think or feel pain or any kind of situation is travelled through or nerves also the development of our body is totally based on hormonal profile without hormones Proper amount our body didn’t function well also different parts of body are remain underdeveloped with not proper amount of hormones present in their body. Hormones are naturally made hormones are naturally made by our glands which are responsible glad land.

Why hormonal imbalance occurs in females?

The hormonal imbalance occurs when different types of hormones are not made in proper amounts by your glands. In females the main hormone or there proper health and development of their sexual help also the physical health is estrogen these hormones is the prime hormonal females there are time comes when different hormone levels fluctuates in woman’s before or during the matches and pregnancy the most common female hormone imbalance is due to rise in insulin or lack Explosion he’s also known as progesterone.

The female hormonal imbalance really triggered by the reproductive cycles when their prime hormones are high and low so their body didn’t function properly hormones are very important to regulate mood and all and or other things like emotions hormones are chemical receptors which are produced by endocrine system which are also known as glands.

The following are the most common functions performed by hormones:

  • Sleep
  • Sleep cognitive activities
  • Increase heart rate or decrease heart rate
  • Stress management
  • Our growth of body

 What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in female’s imbalance?

There are different symptoms that woman can feel while in a state of hormonal imbalance because this imbalance cannot be diagnosed without a blood test so doctors may ask you about your symptoms to have the rough idea that you are having a low hormonal imbalance or not:

  • Fever for longer period of time
  • Lazy
  • Infertility
  • More mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety and irritation
  • Insomnia difficulty to concentrate
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Weight loss
  • Dry skin
  • Weak bones
  • Fluctuate level of insulins
  • Long term fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Altered way of thinking

 What are the causes of Hormonal imbalance in woman?

The woman behavior are also different from men’s due to their changes hormones from man’s. Usually men have more aggressive behavior due to the excess amount of testosterone planting their body other on the other side women are likely to develop last muscle mass a little bit weak in front of men so that’s why the causes of formal imbalance in women are also different from men the hormonal imbalance in women because these are following:

Poor nutrition

In woman’s the major reason of hormonal imbalances are not to eat proper nutritious and healthy meals eating junk and disrupted time of eating because a lot of hormonal imbalance in woman’s specifically if you’re eating too much and have a lot of cholesterol development of fat in your body you’re likely to develop Hormonal imbalance in your body at that then normal people.


Diabetes is one of the major reason also because in diabetes mellitus type one and type 2 your insulin levels are not sufficient to take nutrients from blood to organs so that’s why it is difficult for your body to absorb enough amount of nutrients and your hormones quality and quantity both decreased

 Genetic issues

The most reasonable cause of hormonal balance is genetics because if you’re genetics are not good or anyone in your family have problems with hormonal imbalance it is more likely to develop this disease especially for females

There are also different causes but the above are most common the others include infections mental stress disorders use of anabolic steroids contraception abortion and trauma.

What are the treatments for hormonal imbalance in women?

There are different treatments which involves different kind of therapies which helps women’s to get over their hormonal imbalance. firstly, you need to diagnose your blood to healthcare professional then he will check the proper amount of hormones in your blood and if he found something which is not in a proper amount then he will go further for your treatments the following are the most common treatments for hormonal imbalance.


There are many medications which have the same effect like hormones in general these are synthetic hormones which are given by medical healthcare professional to meet the requirements of imbalanced hormone in our body for example in males Testa is the synthetic hormone which has synthetic testosterone when males in age of 50 or 60 usually have less hormone. In this therapy HRT replace them same with in females in females prime hormone storage in so synthetic is surging is available in marketing cheaper rates which solves the problem of formal imbalance and also other hormones are also available and also other hormones are also available.

Hormones replacement therapy

The most popular therapy which is used to balance your hormones during menopause Most lower level low and of course they are prime or models post region and progesterone Indeed your doctor prescribe a low dose of or more replacement therapy they’ll begin and was human have passed the doctor may increase your dosage this does it contains progesterone and Histology. Message at all of that e-mail reproductive health.

 Natural remedies

There are many natural remedies which helps you to get rid of hormonal imbalance include drinking cardamom tea and use of garlic soaked water daily.

 Changes in daily routine

Also many other things include change your lifestyle cause that are weak and lazy lifestyles will automatically lead you to form an imbalance and also take good amount of sleep because if you are not sleeping well it is bad for your health and your hormone quantity goes down.

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