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Obesity Relationship with depression

Many kind of people because the world is very big and the mechanism of life is going on and different people have different kind of physiques that’s why not everyone physique is same with the food we eat is different in macros which will absorbed by the body because your body store fat or burn fat these mechanisms applied in body to maintain level of the calories.

What is the Obesity?

When a person has a lot of stored body fat then he’s basal metabolic index is above to their limits and the mechanism to being obese is known as obesity. Being obese is very common and popular tradition nowadays because our food and culture has grown so fast that we made process food in our factories in our homes so that’s the biggest cause of the obesity is only because our food is high in calories and nowadays our living style is also changed. Many people don’t do exercise on regular basis so they developed fat inside their skin which is harmful and cause many discomforts and harms to their body.

Many person become obese in their life spans and they will face different health conditions and heart attacks. They will difficulty to move from one place to another and everything is difficult for an obese person. The main reason for every disease like diabetes fatty liver and many others is obesity.

How obesity is connected to depression?

Obesity makes a person’s lifestyle sedentary and lethargic. He barely moved from his place and he finds difficulty in work which is easy and always want to find easy ways to do it. He doesn’t like to walk to move to run so obese person’s life is totally based on the lethargic lifestyle. He wakes up in the late morning eat a lot of breakfast and sit as his place from then and again continuously taking his meals all the day without an effort which is very bad for his health. All his enjoyable physical activities are cut off and that at the end a level comes where he is isolated himself from his surroundings and then the main problems of mental illness like anxiety and depression appears because depression is it tuned out from your nervous system and the person find difficult to talk to someone or difficulty to find interest in anything so depression is also very common and have strong evidence that it is connected to the obesity.

How Depression makes you lazy?

Depression is very dangerous for your mental health because you cannot do physical activities and your life become miserable and at the end many patients of depression had done suicide. When a lethargic person and obese person being stay at home nothing to do he finds difficulty doing his work so maybe he got fired from his job and also when he finds difficulty to learn and to compete in life automatically his state of mind will be depressed and the time comes where his depression becomes on peak because he had not doing his physical activities as required by his body and keeps on eating which makes the person lazy and keeps at bed.

What is the mechanism of obesity which causes depression?

Obesity is directly major reason of depression because when you are sad and wish you’re going to stay all day long at home and nothing to do automatically your brain’s neurotransmitters goes down and your happiness level decreases also with your motivation died so you don’t have enough motivation to do anything which cause a major depression this depression will lead you to suicidal tendency other thoughts. All of these people who find difficulty to make decisions because of their mental condition according to latest researches is shown is depression is more likely to develop in those persons who are obese and lethargic persons so according to this study it is proven that obesity causes depression.

How to treat obesity to prevent depression?

There are many ways by which you can treat your obesity which helps you to get rid of the depression that is caused by obesity.

There are different kinds of methods which helps you to fight from obesity which are following:

Cutting calories slowly:

When you are taking a lot of calories your body fat will never be goes down so please firstly calculate your basal metabolic rate and then cut 500 to 1000 calories daily from your BMR for example if your BMR is of 2000 calories you need to cut five 500 to 1000 calories a day if you want to be fit and do this daily at the same time.

 Exercising regularly:

Exercise plays a major role and also do wonders for depression as well because when you do exercise endorphins release which are chemicals that helps with depression also so doing exercise good for your fat loss because when you lose fat your depression automatically go down.

Taking proper and nutritious meals:

By taking proper diet with good amount of macros high in protein you will be able to lose fat as much as you can in a very faster way so please take good diet and a lot of vegetables in your diet, salads also take fiber supplements which makes you fully for longer period of times.

Taking yogurt regularly:

Yogurt is known for its best qualities and also for depression as well you could have many good bacteria’s which beneficial to your health and these bacteria still go to your intestines and help you to absorb nutrition which helps the release most of the serotonin which is this one for happiness in human brain which is produced by intestines so if your intestines are healthy you will never get depression because there will be not more shortage remains of serotonin in your body which makes you feel good and out of depression.

Can we become obese due to depression?

Depression and obesity are correlated to each other if one goes up the other one goes also up these both are directly proportional so same with anyone has depression he starts to eat more because during a depressive state the person will eat more which makes him obese.

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