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What is masturbation addiction?


Sex is one of the most basic needs of your body, and one of the significant goals among all species is to make younger and protect their young, so Sex is one of the most potent and pleasurable activities for every species in the kingdom (Animalia) through which we will be able to produce new species like us. Sex is the most potent activity because in males, their reward system becomes active, and after orgasm, they feel a very large amount of pleasurable feeling due to the high release of neurochemicals in the brain, which makes a person happy and pleasurable and also relaxes in females, similar to these kinds of feelings generated. Masturbation is an activity in which only a single person gets pleasure after stimulating his own sexual organ to get orgasm from it, yet we can call masturbation a replacement for Sex but not for a longer period of time. Masturbation is a very pleasurable activity, that’s why It can be addictive to a dangerous level, and many persons are addicted to masturbation nowadays.

What is masturbation addiction?

A compulsive behavior of masturbating in high amounts by neglecting all of your important tasks and daily life activities and also without considering its harmful effects on your overall health is known as masturbation addiction. Masturbation is not as natural as Sex, but people do it as a replacement for Sex with a partner. Masturbation will allow you to get pleasure of the same level that comes from Sex by stimulating your genitals, whether you are male or female.

When a person masturbates, there are many chemicals released from his brain, like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and many more, so it feels like heaven for some time after his orgasm. The same kind of chemicals are released from your brain when you do drugs like meth or cocaine but in high amounts. We concluded that every activity that triggers dopamine release from your brain can be addictive to dangerous levels.

It is the same when a person masturbates; he feels good, but his dopamine levels drop below the baseline. Hence, he needs more amount of dopamine to make his levels normal, and if he doesn’t get dopamine according to those levels, he will feel irritated and stressed. That is how the person will again masturbate to gain that level, and day by day, the dopamine requirements will go on increasing, so in the end, the person ends up with a severe masturbation addiction. It has numerous dangerous effects on your mental and physical well-being.


What are the causes of masturbation addiction?

There are several causes of masturbation addiction that insist you masturbate more than usual. The most important cause of masturbation addiction is the following:



one of the major reasons for masturbation addiction is loneliness because when a person is alone and normally masturbates, there are many chances that he can increase his frequency of masturbation to get out from his loneliness, but increased masturbating will affect him more badly, and will not solve his problem so instead of masturbating find a way to get out from loneliness.


Boredom is also the bigger cause of masturbation addiction. Some people masturbate just for fun, and when they are getting bored, they perform this activity, so please keep in mind that masturbating is not a simple activity. It involves many sensitive parts or processes of your body. Boredom triggers your brain to activities that give you a high, and masturbation is one of them.

Watching porn

One of the major reasons why people are addicted to masturbation is porn because masturbation and porn are related to each other in every manner. Porn itself is very dangerous and has millions of adverse effects. People usually masturbate while watching porn, so avoid watching porn to get rid of masturbation.

Childhood abuse

The abuse in your childhood has a significant impact on your adult personality and will cause compulsive behavior of sexual activities like masturbation, which ultimately leads to addiction. So, getting psychotherapy may help you recover from the traumatic thoughts of your childhood abuse.


What are the symptoms of masturbation addiction?

Many symptoms tell you whether you are a masturbation addict or not, which are the following:

  • Masturbating more than twice a day
  • prefer masturbating over your work
  • masturbating while boredom
  • masturbating while watching porn
  • decreased libido
  • lower testosterone
  • fatigue and restlessness.
  • ADHD is also a symptom of masturbation addiction


What are the damages of masturbation addiction?

Masturbation itself is not a very harmful process. Still, as you know, excess of everything is bad, so if you masturbate daily and can’t resist without it, it Is more likely that you are addicted to masturbation and can face its significant side effects, which are the following:

Poor cognition

If you masturbate a lot, it is determined that your cognitive abilities are going to be damaged because masturbation causes the release of dopamine, so its frequent act makes our brain slow and not work correctly.


Masturbating a lot causes our testosterone to be low, so when our testosterone becomes low, we don’t have much energy to gain muscles. Hence, fatigue is so common due to masturbation addiction.

Erection problems

When we masturbate a lot, the male genitals are made up of tissues with sacks that are filled with blood during erection or sexual stimulation, but if we masturbate beyond limits, it causes these tissues and sacks to damage and also causes pain in the genital area.

Brain fog

Masturbating a lot will also impact your mental health, and your brain starts slowing down, and your ability to think will become poor; then, you will definitely face issues like brain fog.


How to get rid of masturbation addiction?

Many ways help you to get rid of masturbation addiction, which are given below:

  • Focus on triggers that lead you to masturbate, like the place where you masturbate, some videos, or even thoughts
  • Don’t isolate because isolation automatically triggers your masturbation addiction
  • Remove loneliness from your life
  • Treat anxiety and try to stay happy because anxiety is the major cause of masturbation addiction
  • Get talk therapy and CBT also with this addiction
  • Go and search for a partner
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Mediation and yoga also help


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