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Generic name: Zolpidem oral spray, metered [ zole-PI-dem ]

The class of drug: Miscellaneous anxiolytics, the hypnotics and sedatives

What is a Zolpimist?

Zolpimist is a sedative often referred to as a hypnotic. It can alter the chemicals in the brain, which could be imbalanced in those with sleep issues (insomnia).Zolpimist is a spray for oral use in adults as a short-term treatment for insomnia (trouble sleeping).Zolpimist can be used to assist you in falling asleep.


Zolpidem can cause an extreme allergy. Stop using Zolpimist and seek immediate medical assistance if you experience any of the following symptoms warning signs of allergic reactions: an allergic reaction that causes hives or breathing problems and swelling of the lips, face, and the throat.

Don't give this medication to another person even if they suffer from similar symptoms. The doses recommended for Zolpidem differ for women and men, and the medication is not recommended for use by children. Incorrect use of this drug can result in serious adverse consequences.

Zolpimist could affect your reactions or thinking. It is possible to be sleepy in the morning following this medicine, especially for women. It would help if you waited at least 4 hours or until you're fully awake before you can do any activity that demands you be alert and awake.Do not use Zolpimist in more significant quantities or for a more extended period than prescribed.Do not take Zolpidem after drinking during the day or before going to bed.

Before you take this drug

Certain people who use Zolpimist have participated in activities like eating, driving or walking, making phone calls, or even having sexual relations and then have no recall of the activities. If this is the case for you, discontinue taking Zolpimist and consult your physician about a different treatment for your sleeping disorder.

It would help if you didn't take Zolpimist if you have an allergy to Zolpidem.Zolpidem is not permitted for use by anyone less than 18 years old.

To ensure that Zolpimist is safe for you, ask your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • Depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs;
  • Lung disease or breathing issues;
  • Sleep apnea (breathing ceases during sleep) or
  • Kidney or liver disease.

Utilizing Zolpidem during the final 3 months of pregnancy can result in drowsiness or breathing issues for your baby.It might not be safe to breastfeed while using this medication. Consult your physician about any potential risks.

Similar/related drugs

Lorazepam , Melatonin , zolpidem , diphenhydramine , Ativan , Ambien

How to take Zolpimist?

Utilize Zolpimist orally as recommended by your physician. Follow the directions on the prescription label. Don't use this medicine in more significant amounts or for a more extended period than prescribed.Spray Zolpimist directly into the mouth and over your tongue. The spray should be primed before the first time you use it by pumping five test sprays into the air off your face. The fountain is primed with one test spray if it's had no use in more than 14 days.

Don't take this medication with a different person, even if they suffer from similar symptoms to yours. Inappropriate use of this medication can cause serious adverse side consequences.Zolpimist comes with instructions for patients to ensure safe and effective use. Follow these instructions carefully. Consult your physician or pharmacist for any questions.Do not take Zolpimist when you do not have 7 to 8 hours to sleep before you can get back into the active phase.

Zolpimist is intended for short-term use only. Inform your physician if your insomnia symptoms don't improve or worsen after taking this drug for 7-10 nights consecutively. Without your doctor's guidance, don't take this medication for more than 5 or 4 weeks.

Don't stop taking Zolpimist abruptly after long-term usage, or you may experience uncomfortable withdrawal effects. Consult your physician on preventing withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking the medication.

Sleeping disorders can return after stopping taking Zolpimist. These symptoms might appear worse than when you first started taking the drug. Consult your physician if you are experiencing worsening insomnia following the first few nights without using this medication.Storage at room temperature, free of heat and moisture. Don't freeze. Store the Zolpimist bottle standing up when not being used.

Dosing information

Usual Adult Dose for Insomnia:

Zolpimist oral spray (5 mg/spray):

Initial dose:

Women: 5 mg taken orally every day, just before bed.

Men: 5-10 mg once orally before the time of bed.

Maintenance dosage: 5-10 mg once orally just before the time of bed

Maximum dose: 10 mg/day


The recommended doses for males and females differ due to the lower clearance rates for females.

Treatment for short-term insomnia, characterized by difficulty in establishing sleep.

Usual Geriatric Dose for Insomnia:

Zolpimist Oral Spray (5 mg per spray) 5 mg taken orally daily before bed.

-Maximum dose: 5 mg/day.


Doses are the same for males and females.

Treatment for short-term insomnia, characterized by difficulty with initiation of sleep.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Because Zolpimist is taken only in the evening, if needed, it is unlikely to take a dose that you did not.

What happens if I overdose?

Get medical attention immediately or contact for help at the Poison Helpline at 1-800-222-1222. A zolpidem overdose is fatal, especially when combined with other medicines that may result in drowsiness.

The signs of an overdose could include insomnia or confusion, low breathing, lightheadedness, and fainting. It can also be a sign of a coma.

Avoid this

Avoid taking Zolpimist when travelling, like when you rest on a plane. It is possible to wake up after your effects from the drug have waned. The amnesia (forgetfulness) condition occurs more frequently when you don't get 7-8 hours of sleep following the drug Zolpidem.

Avoid driving or engaging in hazardous activities until you know how Zolpidem affects you. You might be sleepy in the morning after taking Zolpimist, and your reaction may be affected. Be sure to wait until you're awake before driving or operating machinery, flying an aircraft, or performing anything that requires you to be alert and awake.Do not take this medication if you have a drink during the day or before going to bed.

Side effects of Zolpimist

Zolpidem can cause an extremely allergic reaction. Stop using Zolpimist and seek medical attention immediately If you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction to the drug, such as hives, breathing difficulties, and swelling of your lips, face, tongue, throat, or.

Inform your doctor about any new or worsening symptoms to your physician, for example, Depression, anxiousness or aggression, anger, abnormal hallucinations, thoughts, memory issues and personality changes, increased risk-taking, less inhibitions and no anxiety about being in danger, or thoughts about self-harm or suicide.

Get off Zolpimist and contact your doctor immediately if you suffer from:

  • Chest pain, a fast and irregular beat of the heart and feeling short of breath;
  • Difficulties swallowing or breathing difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Feeling like you might pass out.

The sedative effects of Zolpidem can be more significant in older people.

Dizziness or excessive drowsiness may cause accidents, falls, or serious injuries.

Common Zolpimist side effects can include:

  • Dizziness, daytime drowsiness, fatigue or the sensation that you are "drugged" or light-headed;
  • Fatigue, lack of coordination
  • Dry mouth, stuffy nose and irritation to the throat;
  • Nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, upset stomach, or
  • Headache, Muscle pain.

This is a partial list of possible side effects, and other side effects could be present. Consult your physician to seek medical advice on adverse effects. You can report any symptoms to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of Zolpimist and other medicines that cause drowsiness can increase the severity of this effect. Talk to your doctor before using an opioid medication, a sleeping pill, a muscle relaxer or medication to treat anxiousness or seizures.

Numerous drugs can be incompatible with Zolpidem, making it less effective or worsening the risk of adverse effects. This includes prescription, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements. There are not all interactions contained in this list. Discuss with your physician all the medicines you are currently taking and any medication you begin or stop taking.Discuss with your physician any other medications you are taking.