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How To Help Someone With Mental Health Issues?

Are any of your loved ones suffering from mental health problems? Do you also need practical tips for creating a supportive and helpful environment for someone with mental health issues?

Mental health is a very sensitive issue, and a supportive environment can be a helpful aid in getting out of this. Below, we will share ways to talk and guide people with mental health issues. Moreover, we have also shared tips to deal with these issues at the end so you can guide them properly. 

This read will educate you about multiple methods to help people with psychological problems. We have also shared some valuable instructions to help people with suicidal thoughts. Let’s get into the details of this guide without further delay.       

How To Diagnose Mental Health Issues?

If you want to help someone with mental health problems, you must be sure whether they are really suffering from it. Because we all go through tough times in different phases of our life. You can know about it in two ways;

  1. Knowing the doctor has diagnosed mental health problems among the suspect.
  2. By checking out symptoms

If the person is close to you, the first method will be helpful. Otherwise, check out these symptoms to verify it. 


The following are the most common symptoms of people with mental health issues.

  • Sudden loss of interest in past activities that brought them joy
  • You have been told that you hear voices
  • You have been told about disturbing thoughts
  • Sleep patterns seem to have changed.
  • They’ve missed a lot of work or school
  • They tend to avoid people who used to be close.
  • They have a marked change in their appetite
  • The heavy use of drugs or alcohol
  •  A lot of talk about suicide attempts
  • The talk has been about hopelessness
  • They appear emotionally numb

Ways To Help Someone With Mental Health Issues

Following are some proven techniques to help people with mental health problems. Carefully read and understand these methods before trying to implement them.  

Talk To Them Privately 

The first thing you need to do to talk to someone with mental health problems is get in a quiet and private space. It makes the other person more comfortable in sharing their thoughts and emotions. They don’t have any fear of judgement or interruption in this environment.

Tell Them You Are Worried 

Expressing your feelings in a caring and non-confrontational manner can also help in winning trust. Let them know the changes you have noticed and make them feel that you genuinely care about them. Then they trust you and open up more in front of you. 

Reassure Them 

The next point is to reassure them that they are not alone and that support is available because they often feel hopeless in such situations. Remind them that seeking help is a sign of strength. It will encourage them and give them a sense of security that can be comforting during difficult times.

Listen To Them

Listening to them is the following tip for helping someone with mental health issues. It is because they often feel they are not valued, and no one listens to them. Listen to them carefully, assure them you understand them, and then share your advice.

Don’t Try To Contradict Their Feeling 

Avoid your contradicting opinions or comments on their feelings and experiences. Understand and accept their feelings and tell them it’s okay to feel this way. 

Offer Them Help 

Moving on to the next tip is extending a helping hand. The best way is to ask them how you can support them. Offer help in every possible way, whether it’s professional or day-to-day tasks. Don’t implement it upon them; offer it gently.

Know Your Limits

Another essential tip to help someone with mental health issues is knowing your limits. Help and guide them as they want. Don’t implement your wills, even if that is for their betterment. Remember to take care of yourself while helping them as well. It is challenging and can make you exhausted.  

Keep Questions Open Ended

Communicate openly so they can talk about everything, especially the things they fear about. Listen to their detailed responses. It will help you in having meaningful conversations with positive results. 

Talk About Self-Care

Another way of helping someone with mental health issues is talking about self-care. It is because self-care will help in promoting our overall physical and mental well-being. Healthy habits will speed up the process of getting out of anxiety, depression or other such issues.

Don’t Force It

Don’t enforce your suggestions upon them. Respect their space and readiness to discuss their mental health. Avoid pressuring them for it because it can produce rebellion effects, and they may ask you to stay out of it because you don’t understand them. 

How To Help Suicidal People?

If you know someone is suicidal, then the first thing you need to do is stay with them and talk to them. The next step is to convince them to seek help from a professional. You can dial 988 to seek help as well if you live in the USA.

Importance Of Support For Mental Health Patients

Mental health is a very serious issue, and it can happen to anyone due to several reasons. However, a supportive environment can help the affected person get out of this without its hazardous impacts on his life. It can revive the length of someone. Support can get someone out of endless suffering and give them a happy life. Here are some tips which you may ask them to practise on this journey.  

Tips For Dealing with Mental Health Issues 

Here are some practical tips if you are trying to help someone with mental health issues.

  • Prioritise self-care daily.
  • Seek professional help when needed.
  • Build a robust support system.
  • Practise mindfulness regularly.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Establish healthy routines.
  • Challenge negative thoughts.
  • Engage in regular exercise.
  • Limit screen time.
  • Foster positive relationships.
  • Embrace creativity and hobbies.
  • Celebrate small victories.

What If Someone Who Is Struggling Doesn’t Want My Assistance?

You may find it difficult to watch someone you love struggle with mental health and, even worse, to see them refuse to seek help. But you cannot control this.

You can show your support even if someone with a mental disorder does not want to be helped. Listening and not judging what they are going through is the best way. Avoid giving advice or trying to solve the problem of such a person. Focus on listening to them and pointing out professional help.

Final Words 

That’s how you can help someone with mental health issues. It’s all about understanding them, listening to them, making them feel secure to open up to you. Then, they will listen to you and act upon your advice or suggestions.

Before giving a helping hand, carefully understand it is a mental condition like anxiety, depression or any other. Remember, it’s a challenging task, so take great care of yourself whenever you are helping anyone with mental health problems. 


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