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Asmanex Twisthaler 120 Dose 

Genric Name: the inhalation of mometasone Inhalation of moe-MET-a-sone moe-MET-asone [ moe-MET-a-sone]
The brand names are: Asmanex HFA, Asmanex Twisthaler 120 Dose Asmanex Twisthaler 14 Dose Asmanex Twisthaler 30 Dose Asmanex Twisthaler 60 Dose
The class of drug: inhaled corticosteroids

What is Asmanex Twisthaler 120 Dose?

Mometasone can be described as a steroid. It stops the release of substances within the body that can cause inflammation.Asmanex Twisthaler Dose 60 is a medication used to prevent the development of asthma attacks. It cannot treat the symptoms of asthma that have already started.Mometasone is also used for reasons not mentioned in this guideline.

Side effects of Asmanex Twisthaler 120 Dose

Contact a medical professional immediately. Get medical attention immediately if you notice symptoms or warning signs of an allergic response, like hives, trouble breathing, and swelling of your lips, face, and tongue.

Asmanex Twisthaler 60 Dose can cause severe adverse reactions.Contact your physician immediately if you experience:

  • Wheezing or choking, or other breathing issues after taking this medication.
  • Blurred vision blurred vision, pain, or seeing halos around light sources;
  • More severe asthma-related symptoms
  • Symptoms of signs of infection include fever and fatigue, as well as discomfort, chills, and fever.
  • Indications of symptoms of thrush (a fungal infection) --sores or white spots on your throat or mouth, trouble swallowing,
  • Signs of low levels of adrenal gland hormones—extreme fatigue or weakness symptoms of low adrenal gland hormones include extreme tiredness or weakness, nausea, vomiting, and a feeling of lightheadedness (like you're about to pass out);

Steroid medicines can cause problems with the growth of children. Consult your physician if your child isn't growing at a normal pace during treatment with the Asmanex Twisthaler 60 Dose.

Common adverse effects of Asmanex Twisthaler 60 Dose can include:

  • Fungal infection;
  • More frequent symptoms of sinus allergic manifestations (runny nose, nasal stuffiness, and the pain of sinuses), sore throat, and nosebleeds;
  • Headache;
  • Bone or muscle pain; back pain;
  • Flu symptoms;
  • Indigestion, upset stomach;
  • Menstrual cramps;
  • Hoarseness or a deep voice

This list does not constitute an exhaustive compilation of potential side effects.Other side effects could occur. Contact your physician for advice regarding medical adverse effects. Report symptoms to the Food and Drug Administration by calling them on 800-FDA-1088.

Similar/related drugs

Xolair, Symbicort, Dupixent, Breo Ellipta, Ventolin, Ventolin HFA, and Xopenex


Asmanex Twisthaler 60 dose isn't an asthma treatment that can be used to treat attacks. Use only fast-acting inhalation medicines for attacks. Consult a doctor if your breathing issues become more severe or if you suspect that your asthma medication isn't functioning in the same way.

Before you take this drug

It is not recommended to take Asmanex Twisthaler 60 if sensitive to mometasone or milk proteins.

Notify your doctor immediately if you experience:

  • The liver condition;
  • Eye herpes infection;
  • Glaucoma: cataracts, glaucoma, or other problems with vision;
  • Low bone mineral density, osteoporosis,
  • Any infection or illness that causes illness or infection. This includes any infection or illness, including tuberculosis.

Consult your physician if you are expecting. It is unclear if this medication will affect the unborn baby. But having asthma that is not treated or controlled during pregnancy could result in complications like low birth weight, premature birth, and the condition known as eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure that could cause health issues in the baby and mother). The advantages of treating asthma outweigh any risk to the infant.It might not be safe to breastfeed while taking this medication. Consult your physician about any potential risks.Avoid giving this drug to children younger than 4 years of age. Asmanex HFA is not recommended for children younger than 5 years old.The long-term use of steroids can cause bone loss (osteoporosis), especially when you smoke, if you don't exercise, if you don't receive enough calcium or vitamin D within your daily diet, or if you have an ancestral history of osteoporosis. Consult your physician about the risk of developing osteoporosis.

How to take Asmanex Twisthaler 120 Dose?

Follow the directions on the label of your prescription and read the medication guide or instructions sheets. The doctor might change the dosage. Follow the medication exactly as prescribed.Asmanex Twisthaler 60 dose isn't an emergency medicine for asthma attacks. Use only fast-acting inhalation medication for an attack. Consult a doctor if your breathing issues get more severe or if you suspect that your asthma medication isn't functioning in the same way.Take note of and follow the instructions for use that come with your medication. Consult your physician or pharmacist if you don't understand the instructions.To keep thrush at bay (a yeast infection that occurs in the throat or mouth), rinse your mouth with water. Then take it out, but don't swallow after each time you use this remedy.Mometasone may cause a decrease in immunity. As a result, you could contract an infection faster.It could take up to two weeks before symptoms begin to improve. Use the medication exactly as prescribed, and consult your physician if your symptoms don't improve after a few weeks of medication.If you are also using an oral steroid, it is not recommended to stop taking it abruptly. Follow your doctor's advice on increasing your dosage.The dosage you need could change if you are undergoing surgery or illness, stressed, or have had a recent asthma attack. If you were taking steroids orally (via mouth), you might have to restart the oral medication. Do not alter the dose of your medication or your schedule without the advice of your doctor.Keep it at room temperature, far from heat and moisture. When you first remove the foil pouch from the bag and take out the inhaler device, note an initial date on the item. Dispose of the inhaler if the dose counter displays "00."Make sure you keep the cap on your inhaler when you are not using it. Make sure to keep the aerosol inhaler out of direct flame or extreme temperatures. The container could be able to explode if it is too hot. Avoid burning or puncturing an empty inhaler bottle.Do not clean your inhaler device. Do not let it get wet. Make sure to clean the mouthpiece with a dry, clean cloth.

What happens if I miss the dose?

Take the medication as quickly as you are able, but do not miss your missed dosage if you are close to the time for the next dose. Don't take two doses at once.

What happens if I overdose?

Get medical attention in an emergency or contact the Poison Help Line toll-free at 1-800-222-1222.

What should be avoided?

Avoid contact with those who are sick or suffering from infections. Contact your physician to get preventive treatment in the event that you have been affected by chickenpox as well as measles. These illnesses can be very serious and even fatal for those who take mometasone.

Interaction with other drug

There are times when it's not recommended to use certain medicines simultaneously. Certain medications can alter the blood levels of other medications that you take, which can create side effects or render the drugs less effective.