How Coronavirus Spread, Its Prevention and Updates

How Long Can the Virus Survive on Surfaces Without a Viable Host?

The answer to this question is not readily known yet in respect with the present condition at hand. But from the data of the previous coronaviruses (like SARS), it is estimated that the survival of this novel virus is up to a couple of days on any surface at normal room temperature.

Post exposure to the coronavirus, the disease progresses within a period of 5 to 11 days (incubation period). The symptoms start to appear during the first two to five days which may or may not become worse over the days. Shortness of breath and symptoms of pneumonia are generally the common reasons that attract medical assistance.

Due to lack of a proper treatment course, clinicians around the world are administering a combination of antiviral drugs to the infected patient. Other than which supportive care, to attenuate the accompanying symptoms, is being provided.

What Can be Done to Prevent the Coronavirus Infection?

The prevention of coronavirus is typical. People around the world are advised to practice good hygiene and sanitation. On contact with pets and other animals, hands must be washed with soap to dismiss any possibility of an accompanying bacterial infection. If you are someone who is contact with an infected person or as a healthcare professional, it is advised to wear gloves, headgear, a bodysuit, goggles and face mask at all times.

An N95 respirator mask is quite effective against the steady transmission of the virus. Even the general public should wear a respirator mask at all possible times. Disinfection of common areas and things like doorknobs, toilet seats, dishes, beddings, etc. is highly advised in order to fight against the virus in latent form.

Thoroughly cooking your meat and eggs is an important preventive measure. As another measure to prevent the spread of the virus, it is advised to stay indoors and to not move outside without protective gear to shield you from the coronavirus.

Also, as a preventive measure, if a person shows flu-like symptoms, it is best suggested to seek medical expert opinion. This is suggestive because sometimes the presentation of the infection is quite understated which allows for progression of the infection.

The signs of the infection range from symptoms as slight as a fever, cough or cold to severe pneumonia, respiratory syndrome which might progress into kidney failure and eventual death. If detected at an early stage of the infection, it is more likely to be treated. Once the symptoms progress, it becomes difficult to contain the severe respiratory illness.

Doctors suggest that overcoming the coronavirus once does not guarantee a lifelong immunity from the virus.

Coronavirus The Global Pandemic

According to the most recent data, Hubei, the Chinese province at the epicenter has reported around a 100 deaths to the virus and tens of hundreds of new cases are being reported on a daily basis. But what is happening in countries other than China?

  • The French officials have reported the death of a Chinese tourist in France and the number of infection cases has risen to 12 in the country.
  • In the US, 15 cases have been confirmed, of which California has the majority.
  • Japan has reported around 415 cases till date with 1 death and around 10 critical patients.
  • Countries like India, Russia, Spain, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Belgium had few reported cases of infection which have recovered completely from the virus. With an average of 2 cases in all the above mentioned countries, no further cases have come under the radar.
  • Philippines has suffered a death but has no new cases as of now.
  • The British ship, the Diamond Princess, had been quarantined in Japan for more than a week due to possible signs of infection on-board. But the US has flown out its citizens after almost a week, with more than 200 infection cases on the ship. Canada, Italy and South Korea have also announced passenger evacuation.
  • Japan has been evacuating Japanese nationals from Wuhan. More than 700 people have returned to Japan till now.
  • Restriction on movement in Chinese nationals and travel ban from China has been imposed by many countries. 14 days of isolation to any person who recently flew down is being practiced on a global scale as a preventive measure to contain the virus.

A lot is still unknown about the Coronavirus. New cases of people succumbing to the infection are doing rounds on a daily basis. The data is changing at a very quick pace. With such changing statistics, it has become difficult for the authorities to keep the infection contained. The global picture is also changing colors very rapidly.

With the rapid spread of the infection and the increasing number of cases, it is advisable to practice all sorts of preventive measure including personal and communal hygiene. Also, keeping yourself up-to-date and aware can help you prevent any harm upon yourself and your loved ones. It is the time of a global epidemic and thus, working as a community is a definitive resort for the same. So, stay informed and stay safe.

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