Can Summer Kill the COVID-19 Virus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Because of the symptoms, at first, COVID-19 was assumed to be pneumonia which originated from some unknown source. But as the days went by, more and more people started complaining about breathing difficulty which seemed to be a symptom of this unknown disease.

Later in a research conducted by healthcare officials showed that a new virus has emerged which has been causing this outbreak. By the second week, doctors in china reported the first death (aged 61), caused by this disease. This person supposedly had some medical history and had visited a wet market situated in Wuhan prior to getting sick.

 Is COVID-19 Engineered?

As number of cases increased people started looking for the origin of this virus. Some people believed that this virus was engineered in the lab which later was proven wrong by the researches. This virus originated from animals which means that the rumors about this being engineered were completely false.

Further digging confirmed that the virus got transmitted to humans through what appears to be a wet market. A wet market is a place where live meat and animals are slaughtered for human consumptions

Vox (source) mentioned in their documentary that it was believed that among 41 patients 27 have been there. As soon as they came to know about this place, the wet market was shut down by the Chinese officials as they have seen the same thing happen before.

18 years ago china experienced a similar situation. SARS which is a Coronavirus originated from a similar market too. A wet market is a place where meat and live animals and seafood were sold for human consumptions.

This place has a large variety of animals kept in cages that are placed one above another, thus all the kinds of fluids produced by the animals stacked above them are subsequently transferred to the animals kept below. This allowed the virus to transmit from one host to another before making it to humans.

What is the Difference Between Coronavirus and COVID-19?

The World Health Organisation, WHO has defined Coronavirus as a large family of viruses that causes from the common cold to more severe diseases such as MERS-CoV that is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and SARS-CoV that is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS-CoV is also a respiratory disease which first came into light in 2003. This disease also originated from china and showed the person to person transmission.

MERS-CoV, also a respiratory disease and is caused by Coronavirus. This disease first originated in Saudi Arabia in the year 2012.

COVID-19 has infected many countries and so far there has been no particular or scientific way of preventing this disease. Though social distancing, up to some extent, has played a major role in stopping this virus from speeding further, still new cases seem to appear every day.

Researches all around the world have started looking into this matter and have sorted out some of the characteristics of it. But soon some myths started to follow around. To keep the people well informed and away from darkness WHO (World Health Organization) has addressed some of the false characteristic and behavior of the virus one of which is-

Can Hot Weather Kill the Coronavirus?

It was first assumed that the virus will slowly wear off with the rise in temperature in certain areas but, after much research conducted on this, it came out that though some virus becomes inactive during summer that may not be the case with COVID-19. “WHO” has mentioned on their website that this virus can be transmitted to “all areas including areas with hot and humid weather.” 

On the other hand, Paul Hunter, professor of health protection at the University of East Anglia, UK has mentioned that heat can actually kill the virus; he said “One extreme scenario is that it will burn itself out sometime in the summer. The other extreme scenario is that it will reduce in the summer but it will come back again in the winter and become what we call endemic, in that it will spread pretty much everywhere.”

People started predicting that hot summers will be the solution to this problem after US president Donald Trump addressed this in his speech. He said “The heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus,” but many scientists and health officials are not very confident about this statement.

According to a few of them, it may be possible that the virus doesn’t die but moves to a hemisphere where the climate and temperature are favorable for it, and for others, it may even become more intense. As this matter is still under investigation, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Many people all around the world believe the heat actually kills Coronavirus and have started making conspiracy theories about it. There are some people who have been in dark because of these baseless rumors. On this “WHO” have listed out some common myths and have given answers to them, some of which include

Coronavirus Myths and Answers

Low Temperature Can Kill Coronavirus

Coronavirus can survive in winter; it is pretty much obvious by the fact that the outbreak first took place in China when it was winters.

To this myth “WHO” has said that irrespective of the external temperature and weather, the internal temperature of the body will be 36.5 degrees to 37 degrees, making it favorable for the virus.

A Hot Water Bath is Useful in Preventing Coronavirus

As it is already been mentioned that internal body temperature will change in external temperature, we can conclude, that a hot water bath is of no use.

Hand Dryers Can Kill Coronavirus

Hand dryers do not help in the elimination of viruses from your hands. To keep your hands clean using alcohol-based sanitizer and soaps frequently. Also using hand dryer frequently and for a long period of time just in hopes that your hands are contamination-free, will only result in burnt and dry skin.

UV Disinfection Lamp can Sterilize Your Hands

UV lamps are used in the labs for destroying microorganisms while performing experiments. But this UV lamp cannot kill this virus. People should not use UV lamps because it can cause irritation in the skin.

You can check out many more myths, busted by the World Health Organization here.

There have been many speculations about this theory but no end result has been achieved yet. There are still many researches going on to find whether heat and humidity can kill COVID-19.

This virus can transmit from person to person and is the reason behind thousands of death. So do keep yourself and your family safe by following a few precautions which have been suggested to you after many researches done by health officials. Stay healthy and safe.

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