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Ways to Deal with Small Penis Syndrome


Discover the link between ideal image of penis size and body.

The link between body image and penis size is not at all ideal. Every body type and every penis size is different from one another in men. Please don’t care too much what people say. You only have to love yourself and your body, and that’s all. When you start to love yourself and be satisfied with what you have, it will be enough for you.

Things idealized by society

In our society, body image and penis size should be idealistic, and many men have a fear of rejection due to a lack of confidence, or they think that their bodies are not ideal and also their penis size is very small compared to other men. They don’t research about what the normal penis size is? It causes a major confidential drop in men even though the body image and penis size image drawn by our society is very idealistic, and it seems that our society that every man should have a larger penis and ideal body, but these idealistic things never existed.

What is Small Penis Syndrome?

A small penis syndrome is a condition in which a person usually doesn’t have a small penis, but he is continuously anxious about his penis size and fears that he has a small penis. In actuality penis is not small in medical diagnosis but small according to a person’s perception.

Micro penis is a rare condition

A person rarely has a small penis in the medical field, which is known as a micro penis. Micro penis length is 2.5 inches when erected, so that’s why people don’t have a micro penis condition normally. Rather than they develop the perception in their brain that their penises size is very small, and this causes shame. They worry all the time, and also many people believe that they have micro Penis.

How small penis syndrome is developed?

Nowadays, many people watch some nude videos online in different video clips and porn, so from there, they have developed their perception that their Penis is not normal in size, and this causes a misconception in their brain because those actors who are performing in porn have more big genitals than the other people. Hence, outsiders watch them and think that their size is not normal, and they have a micro penis and developed a small Penis syndrome.

How Men’s ego is affected by small penis syndrome? Sexplain It Live: No One Has Sex With Me Twice Because of My Small Penis

A small penis syndrome really can be very harsh on mental health because a man is totally based on what he has, and men usually take this on their ego that their penis size is not normal. Their brain continuously generates those bad and negative thoughts that their penis size is not normal, so it is very necessary to properly diagnose that you have a small penis or it’s only your perception. When you properly diagnose, you will see that you didn’t have a small penis. It is just what you’re thinking.

The Psychological Impact of Small Penis Syndrome.

The psychological impact of small penis syndrome is very severe because it is only a perception problem of men that they think they do not have a normal penis. They self-diagnose themselves with micro Penis. The following are the most common psychological harms of small penis syndrome:

Anxiety                                                  Unexpected Signs of Anxiety in Men | Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare

Anxiety is the most common impact of small penis syndrome because when a person thinks that he has a small penis, he doesn’t, so his brain consider this a really big problem and generates negative thoughts in his mind, which cause anxiety and make the person stressful all day. He doesn’t even think about other things, and this is the most common effect generated by a small penis syndrome.

Suicidal tendency


Many patients with small penis syndrome are diagnosed with suicidal tendencies because when a person thinks their Penis is not of normal size and has had this problem for a long time. He doesn’t discuss this with other people and feels ashamed to discuss so his relationship with his partner will hurt. After that, he feels ashamed to show his Penis to even the doctor for diagnosis, so all these things develop a proper guilt inside himself.

Stages of suicidal tendency

At first suicidal thoughts are developed, and after when the person is obsessed with suicidal thoughts for longer than six months, suicidal tendencies develop, and the person tries to suicide. He always willing to take his life because he is feeling shame and guilt due to this illogical small penis syndrome and that thing is very dangerous.

 Depression                                                                  What Is Depression? - Life Path Health

Depression is also most common in those people who are diagnosed with small penis syndrome because when anxiety stays for more than six months, it converts into a serious form of depression. The patient doesn’t want to do anything because, as you know, sex is the most powerful thing in the world. When a person disqualifies himself for proper sexual intercourse because he only thinks that he has a small penis, then he will get into a straight depression for a long time. It will be difficult for him to get outside of depression.

Ways to deal with small penis syndrome

It is very important to overcome this misconception of small Penis syndrome. There are many ways to deal with this syndrome. Some steps are following which help you to get out of small penis syndrome:

Get a proper diagnosis.                                                      GoodTherapy | Diagnosis

First, go to your medical healthcare professional and ask him to make a proper diagnosis. Then the doctor will check the size of your Penis and confirm that you really have a small penis or it is only your perception. After the proper diagnosis, you will see that your penis size is perfectly normal and you only had negative thoughts about it; this will make you comfortable.

Seek help from your friend’s zone.

Everyone has friends, so you can ask your friends about their penis size, and then you will have a proper idea that your panel size is average. It helps a lot to get many people out of this small Penis syndrome.

Measure your Penis at home.                            What is the average penis size in Canada and the world? - Vancouver Is Awesome

Measure your Penis at home is very important and safe for you because some people are ashamed to for proper diagnosis that they have a small penis. It will be very easy for you to measure your penis at home. There are following two steps that help you to measure your Penis at home and help you to know whether your Penis is average or not. The average penis size is more than 4.7 inches.

Check your penis size in front of the mirror.  How to Perform a Testicular Self Exam: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

In front of a mirror, you will see a proper view that your Penis is larger than you think because, from the upper point of view, the penis size is not correctly seen. When you see in front of a mirror, you will think it is not even your Penis because the actual size of your Penis in front of a mirror is not what you see from the upper point of view, so it will help you a lot to satisfy that you have average penis size.

Steps to measure your penis at home

Take a scale, put the edge of the scale at your pelvic bone, and stretch your flacid penis to properly and then you will have the proper idea if your Penis is more than 3.7 inches; your penis size is normal when it’s flaccid, and when the Penis is erected, the average size is 4.7 and up, so it will help you to measure your Penis at home and get you from this dangerous syndrome of small penis.


CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, is one of the most common therapy nowadays, which helps you to deal with many psychological disorders, including small penis syndrome. It directly deals with your thoughts when you have a thought that you don’t have a large penis.

Steps in CBT

you have to do some steps which first identify your thought and whether it is valid or not. Check the validity of your thought, and then if your thought is not correct, replace it with more adaptive and more realistic thoughts like I have a normal penis, and everything is perfect. So, the good thought patterns become developed in your brain, and you have positive thoughts about your Penis. It will help you to permanently get rid of small penis syndrome easily.

The role of media and pornography in shaping Penis Size Expectations

Stop watching porn is very necessary because when you watch porn, your expectations of normal penis size go up from average size, and a misconception develops in your brain that you don’t have a normal-sized penis. So when you stop watching porn, it will help to not to think about more than the average size of Penis and also helps to get out from small penis syndrome.




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