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How to take Antioxidants from food?

How Toxins enter in our body?

Nowadays many harmful substances and chemicals are present in our surroundings do you do increasing amount of pollution in air that’s why we need to take different kind of substances which has our body and cells to produce enough oxygen and makes ourselves fresh. There are many different medicines are also available that cause cell damage but in our natural many substances anti-toxins are present which naturally helps us to fight with different kinds of viruses and bacteria to make our life good and enjoyable. Our skin add inner organs on other body parts even our nails totally made-up of cells. There are many nutritious foods which have a lot of antioxidants in the Mitch are really helpful for us to fight with different kinds of bacteria and viruses.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are the molecules which are already present in our body but not in enough amounts we need to take antioxidants from outside of the body as well through our diet and nutrition a person with complete nutrition or diet will get proper amount of antioxidant  to meet the requirement of their body. Antioxidants protects our cell and DNA that is caused by different radicals present in our blood due to fusion of cells. With the help of antioxidants we can fight with different diseases and health conditions like mental disorders.

Foods that have higher amounts of antioxidants

There are different kinds of foods with different health benefits but antioxidants are rare add found in specific category of nutrition’s

Green tea

the maximum amount of car antioxidants you can get is the only through green tea green tea is one of the major source of their children’s and helps you to fight with different kind of disease also green tea extract have much amount of antioxidants than the normal green tea you can only take two to three cups a day or creativity to fulfil your antioxidants requirements.


the second most antioxidants containing food is nuts there are different kinds of nuts picture full of ID oxidants and provides you a healthy way to get at the oxidants for your body nuts include walnuts sunflower seeds and almost also the statues are full of party accidents which helps ask to make our immune system healthy.


the most important food which have antioxidants properties is spicy prices include that series green chili and drive add photo friendly accidents responsible for your cognition and metabolism also so taking spicing and in your food will your chances to make yourself same from her policies and also it helps with mental conditions like anxiety.


Camry is one of the most popular and knowledge it’s also at the oxidants without a doubt the hype of turmeric add guns from our ancestors we cause technique is the most old who which helps to fight with cancer infection bacterial infection right all other different disease cause these are high amount of antioxidants it is recommended to take turmeric in milk and warm water all of your daily requirements office it also anti oxygen eyes all amount of self in fact it or likely to become infected.

What are the symptoms taking high amount of antioxidants?

If you take too much antioxidants through any medicine or even through your diet as you know side effects are very common because everything this benefits you also may damage some parts of your body following are the common symptoms if you take high motor antioxidants through food:

  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • A drug allergy
  • Anxiety depression and genetically disorders also.
  • Fever
  • Mental health issues and anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Hormonal problems

How Anti-oxidants help with anxiety?

Antioxidants will help you a lot in the journey of if you’re facing mental health issues like anxiety cause the many mental health conditions appears whenever brain remains in oxidation transform more than three to five days or continues stress and load over or anything so when the brain is addressed out it starts releasing free radicals there which are really harmful and increase the amount of anxiety which also takes your body and brain in oxidative stress for longer period of time leads to tumor and different health conditions.

How antioxidants Helps with Mental problems and body recovery?

When you take antioxidants in proper amounts and regularly antioxidants will fight with free radicals and neutralize the effects of them also antioxidants helps neurotransmitters to works fine perfectly there is no the problem your new transmitters face while transferring the signals of emotions that’s way antioxidants are really beneficial for the patients with anxiety disorders and generalizing jackets or will also because it has to reduce the oxidative stress and makes a person feel comfort table and easy.

Recovery is also important part of your body cause all of your body got repaired when you sleep and to fasting the mechanism of tissue repairing or cells replacement is a task of antioxidants in your diet and also if you want to take supplement and from your diet it makes the working and repairing your issues faster than normal and helps you fight with different bacterial and viral infections.

How Antioxidants beneficial for the treatment of cancer?

The main disease the through which different antioxidants helps us to fight with his cancer is a very dangerous disease an occurs due to immature and in abnormal growth of cells in body cancer may be due to genetic disorders but antioxidants helps you in a specific manner to fight with this dangerous disease the first is bye neutralize the amount of free radicals presents in your bloodstream only yourselves antioxidants neutralize the extra electrons and prevents yourselves from mutation and also yourself well from damage which ultimately helps you to be safe from diseases like cancer.

Antioxidants can also help you to recover from oxidative damage to your DNA by lowering different risks of mutation that can cause cancer also antioxidants helps us do makeover immune system said wrong than normal because they provide strong support and helps us to boost our immune system to hire extents also system is responsible for fighting with bacteria when we have more amount of anti-oxidants in blood it will do wonders for our body to fight with cancer.

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