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12 proven tips to sleep better at night

Sleep is very important for us to do normal functioning of life that’s why we need to improve its quality to remain healthy during the day and to make all physical movements. Sleep help us to improve our cognition and all our physical abilities.

What are the tips to sleep better at night?

There are many trips you can follow to sleep better at night and also which helps you to perform your regular functioning and cognitive tasks daily many doctors head healthcare professionals but why do you property tips and tricks to get a proper sleep and healthy sleep as well that’s why everyone wants to improve their sleep quality and to increase the quality of sleep and to maintain healthy sleep in lifestyle there are many things you can follow and  the proven tips to sleep better at night are following:

Activities you can do to fall asleep

If falling asleep is difficult for you and you don’t feel like sleeping after going to bed there are many activities you can follow to make you drowsy and fall asleep like you can do exercising before going to bed which makes you sleeps good and comfort table because when you are tired your body mechanism will go down and your muscles want to recover that’s why after a tired day you will get a better sleep.

Take proper sunlight exposure

Your circadian rhythm is maintained properly when you awake during the daytime and sleep during the night so taking sunlight into your eyes and long term exposure to sunlight helps us to maintain our rhythm to in a proper and well maintained states which helps you to sleep at night properly but if you remain in darkness during the daytime so your circadian rhythm will become disturbed because your body will don’t get a difference about the end night time which makes your sleep miserable.

Avoid drinking water before going to bed

When you are going to bed make sure you limit your water intake cause drinking too much water before going to bed makes you awake at night and disturb your sleep Quality and also this your circadian rhythm.

Use an app for sleep tracking

There are many apps available own your mobile stores which you can install in your phone he helps you to track your sleep properly and helps you to recognize in which hour you are awake or your sleep is compromised.

Avoid daytime naps

There are many people who take nap in daytime and their night slim will be compromised because when you sleep during the day it is it will make difficult for you to fall asleep at Lee at night that’s why the quality and amount of sleep is triggered by taking naps during daytime get quality sleep you should work during the day instead of taking up which helps you to get a deep sleep at night.

Avoid too much stress

Taking too much stress makes you irritated and full off different emotions that’s why why to take too much address for a quality sleep because sleep is triggered by anxiety and stress and the reason behind this is when you take stress there are many neurochemicals at least in your body which takes the blood flow from other organs to your arms and legs and activate your flight and fight response due to this your body stores producing melatonin with your sleep hormone and you define difficulty in falling asleep.

Avoid eating to much food before going to bed.

Taking proper amount of nutrition and diet increase chances that you are going to improve your sleep quality and which helps you  to get into deep sleep because your diet is totally decide the quality of seep you are going to have so if you are taking too much food before going to bed it will never help you to get a proper sleep and you may have stomach issues as well so instead of taking too much food before going to bed try to take last amount of food and stop eating  before going to bed.

Avoid light blue light before going to bed

The most crucial stapes to avoid blue light before going to bed and stop using your laptop and scrolling your social media on your smartphone big cause blue lights from these electronic devices enters in your eyes and lower the production of melatonin which is a sleep hormone which lowers the quality of sleep you are having and also lower your cognitive ability to get a proper and improve sleep quality you need to avoid this light before going to bed as much early as you can.

Makes your room darker and compatible

The most important part of sleep is to make yourself away from light during night because light triggers cortisol which this is a dress hormone and tell your body that it is a day so your sleep quality will become miserable if you sleep in lights so why to sleep in bright lights or even dim lights as well instead of this trying to makes your room darker and quiet which helps you to fall asleep early and also helps you with their deep sleep.

Focus on your sleep schedule

Your sleep schedule should be consistent and you should maintain proper sleep schedule with good amount of ourselves tell this sleep at night goes when your sleep schedule is bad it will be difficult for you to get a good sleep so that’s why make a proper sleep schedule and focus that you are sleeping according to your timetable after some time when you are following your sleep schedule you will see you will have a good sleeping routine.

Limit your caffeine intake

Caffeine is one of the most common reason of insomnia troubles in falling asleep and in patients with difficulty to fall asleep it seems that they are taking high doses of caffeine in their diet coffee is the most common reason that many people don’t fall asleep due to a lot of intake of coffee so limit your caffeine intake before going to bed helps you a lot with a better add efficient sleep.

Avoid stimulating activities before going to bed

If you are going to bed you should makes your bed comfort table and don’t use any kind of social media and even any stimulating activity because when you do any activity which boots your hormones and stimulate your nervous system it will stop the melatonin effect and also yourself circadian rhythm functioning will triggered badly that’s why I don’t do any stimulating activity before going to bed so it will do wonders for your quality of sleep and healthy sleeping patterns.

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