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Breast cancer awareness in women

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer happens when the cells in breast start growing abnormally which makes the form of mass other than breast same mutation occurs when cells grow with deep roots inside the breast and get the shape of cancer mostly starts with in the duct where the milk is produced and these glandular tubes are also called lobules.

There are many researches present on breast cancer that it can be dangerous and that’s crazy many researchers found that hormonal imbalance and genetically reasons are the most common causes of breast cancer but in some woman who have less chances of developing breast cancer these may be do also genetically reasons thanks didn’t have a proper knowledge in it there is also study show that every 1 out of 28 women’s are effected by this disease in different regions of world.

Breast cancer is very common farmer cancer mostly occurs in woman all over the world approximately 4.5 million diagnosed with breast cancer So that’s how you have the idea How much women are diagnosed with breast cancer globally without its awareness many women

 What are the factors that affects breast cancer in women?

There are different factors that affects the growth of abnormal cells in breast and cause breast cancer:

Inherited genes

Inherited genetically cause is one of the major regional breast cancer because breast cancer cells are generic cells which grew in the dark milk production happens so it is very necessary to check here families to blood test cancer and then at early stages in start your check around you can be successfully recoverable in future.


Age can be a major factor developing breast cancer cause at young ages the chances of developing breast cancer is less and as you age the breast cancer developing choices increases day by day because this helps in that area regrowth again and again and the times come where mutation occurs and it is very bad help.

Not feeding the child

Not feeding milk is a major reason of breast cancer because in woman breast area there is more particulate breast will start generating mutations there when milk is not getting out so you need to suck milk from there with a vacuum pump to be safe from breast cancer in woman body becomes more which stimulate the growth of tumor in breast so there are many increase chances of developing breast cancer due to a this.

Also there are many other factors which can be reason for breast cancer smoking addiction drinking alcohol and radiations.

 What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

There are many friends in the world word cancer some of the most common symptoms are following

  • Pain in the breast region all the time.
  • Symptoms of breast cancer include.
  • Swelling of breast inflammation in the area of breast blood in this region discharge or puss from breast enlargement other face and be treated easily.

How to prevent breast cancer at home?

There are many ways to prevent breast cancer if you are committed because to prevent breast cancer you need proper knowledge about this disease different peoples didn’t have enough knowledge to treat breast cancer and prevent from it add early stages which can be save your life but thankfully nowadays the breast cancer awareness is so much common that people are coming out of that illiteracy and getting educated with the proper wrists pan medications or breast cancer it is never ashamed to talk about breast cancer because breast cancer is a disease like all other disease but it is not just for women it can also happen in men also but common in women so that’s why women feel shame while talking about this disease there are many risks which are attached with breast cancer to reduce the risks involved in breast cancer.

Maintain Healthy weight

If you are overweight try to lose your weight because weight management is very important to prevent breast cancer if you’re fat community in that area service charge level becomes high and there may be immature any natural growth of Liv in breast which leads you to brush cancer.

 Active lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be very active and without a single doubt because when you are active you make every last minute last is talking so the increases go fast becomes less.

 Avoid to sit for longer period of time

If you sit at one place for a longer period of time it will be difficult for your body to increase the amount of testosterone and other hormones which makes your breast cancer slow and even if you start diagnose that cancer again fine delete their boats.

How to diagnose breast cancer?

There are different ways through which as medical healthcare professional jacks that you really have breast cancer or not first his breast awareness breast self-awareness it is important for you to check your breast daily and observe every side to see is there any dot live growing unnaturally or not if yes then immediately contact your doctor next clinical breast even when the doctor so you test properly then he will decide you are not diagnosed with breast cancer and your breast is normal for some people it is normal to develop new but after some time it will go so it is not a valid thing to diagnose properly the doctor book your bloods and samples from tissues of your breast and then the report comes where the growth of tissues .


What are the treatments for breast cancer?

There are different kind of processes for the treatment of breast cancer are available without medicine:


Surgery is the best and effective option when there is not enough options are available and the cancer is not treatable by medicines so using surgery method doctors remove the breast which is infected which is your life


You must happy he mother be helps you to kill these cells that holds mutations and cancer in that regional your breast also with chemotherapy doctors may prescribe you many drugs which helps you to cope with breast cancer

 Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the most common therapy in different model cancer and breast cancer radio therapy is used to kill cancer cells by the bombardment of X-rays on your chest.

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