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What is Self-harm Addiction?

Self-harm Addiction

Generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder are the most common, and people with panic disorder find it difficult to cope with life and feel fear all the time that somebody can kill them, so when they are afraid of all the situations from the start level are not peak those patients find the only way which helps them to get a sigh of relief from their panic also many people develop self-harm addiction to distract their self from the environmental situation that triggers anxiety in them so they starting half himself through any equipment or even through his own hands he can bite his tongue punch himself and many other self-harm methods he can use to get relief from that dangerous anxiety or fear that he had faced from surroundings or even through his family. Self-harm is a byproduct of anxiety. It is not itself a problem but developed after a series of anxiety or depressive states or even panic attacks, so people use self-harm as a byproduct to get relief, but when they use self-harm again and again, a time comes when they feel they are addicted to self-harm without self-harming they don’t feel good so it is a very severe psychological condition and needs to be taken seriously if not treated this condition may worsen and leads to suicidal tendency.

What is Self-harm addiction and its causes?

Self-harm is an addiction when an individual or group of persons wants to harm themselves due to a lot of emotional stress building up and the person continuously harming himself with a knife or anything that causes pain to his body receptors. Self-harming becomes an addiction when a person feels the sigh and relief after harming himself or his body. It is just psychological in less, but some people use this to relieve the pressure that they built while working or any other sources like office pressure, family problems, and a lot of anxiety that triggers a lot of stress and pain inside their entire body to get out from this painful and difficult situation the individual starting hurting himself. When there is a lot of tension and pressure build up on a person which keeps pressure on a person, he starts to harm himself to numb his emotions and suffer through pain. When he feels pain, all of his attention from those anxieties shifts toward his pain, and for that time, he feels disconnected from his thoughts of anxiety, so harming himself will make this patient relax.

What are the symptoms of Self-harm addiction?

The symptoms of self-harm addiction include a lot of anxiety

  • Starting harming your body through small equipment to get relief from anxiety
  • Escaping from reality
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Diagnosed with suicidal tendency
  • GAD
  • Difficulty in handling your emotions
  • Getting diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

These are the most common symptoms that are particularly developed. If you have one or two symptoms from above, it is more likely you will develop self-harm addiction. These symptoms are most commonly found in those people who are diagnosed with self-harm addiction, so it is necessary to contact a healthcare professional if you have one or more of the symptoms above.

What are the treatments of Self-harm addiction?

There is no need to worry if you have been diagnosed with self-harm addiction or are likely to develop self-harm addiction because it can be reversible. Self-harm addiction itself is not a direct disease that a person develops in his personality. It always comes as a byproduct of anxiety or fear for a long time. To escape from fear and anxiety, people start harming their selves, but no need to worry: the following are the most helpful and beneficial steps that tell you how to cope with this problem.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT is one of the most common and major therapies that are used globally and has wonderful effects on the human brain to change their behavior to make challenging decisions ankles. CBT works effectively. This technique directly deals with correcting your cognition whenever you get a thought about harming yourself, so immediately challenge that thought that this thought is true. I have a right thought here: what is thought is weak. When you confuse these thoughts, your brain won’t take this seriously like it was before, so when you challenge that thought, you judge whether it’s true or not. If it’s not true, you will use more adaptive and more realistic thoughts at that time by yourself, so using this technique is very helpful early and effective, and you will never do harm to yourself again. This technique also helps you to cope with anxiety and sweet forms of depression.

Taking proper medications

There are many medications available in the market that your clinical psychologist or health experts recommend to get relief from self-harm and addiction because, generally, most addictions are connected with a comfortability and relaxation, so many people find this and enjoyment harming their self by taking medications like benzodiazepine’s an SSRI category medicines which take your neurochemicals like serotonin and dopamine’s up which further stabilizes your mood and make you happy so you cannot find difficulty and pain from anxiety and automatically you will get relief from self-harming because there is no more anxiety which triggers you to harming yourself again.

Talk therapy

Talk therapy is one of the most efficient and effective ways to help you get over your self-harming addiction. In this therapy, a clinical psychologist will talk to you about all of your problems and the daily work you are doing so you can discuss clearly and openly how you are harming yourself and the reason for which you are harming yourself, like anxiety or depression or different kind of trauma because self-harming happens when a person finds difficulty control over his emotions when a person loses control nothing can stop him from harming himself so we have to focus what’s the reason behind self-harm and a talk therapist is specially focus on those things and in talk with a patient he put some positive thoughts in patient minds which makes patient relax and comfortable and he can easily get over his self-harm addiction.


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