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What Are The Different Birth Control Option?

Pregnancy is a natural process which occurs as the result of sexual intercourse between male and female but there are many people who don’t want to make child but want to enjoy the sexual experiences, they will try many methods through which the women won’t conceived. He births control methods comes from ancient ages where people don’t want to make babies more than their limits. Sex is a very powerful physical activity and many people whether they are male or female so to avoid pregnancy they use safe sex methods to control the pregnancy in women or by stopping sperms of men.

What is birth control method?

The methods or processes used to avoid pregnancy or birth of a child are known as birth control methods. There are many methods are now present or also many products are available which you can buy online or physically that helps you for control the pregnancy. The need of birth control varies from person to person also there are many reasons why people are using birth control methods. There are many birth control methods are available which you can use.

What are the birth control pills?

Birth control pills are basically use to prevent the pregnancy from unsafe sexual activity and unplanned sexual activity. Taking birth control pills is one of the most effective contraceptive methods. Birth control pills contains hormones that makes difficult to for you to conceive and it is 99% effective method. Normally you can take birth control pills before sex it is more effective but after sex its efficiency may decrease that’s why taking it before sex makes your chances of pregnancy as low as possible.

What is the simplest method we can use for birth control when we don’t have condom?

The most common method you can use to avoid for pregnancy is pull out method this is very simple and effective method At the time when male have to ejaculate he immediate have to pull out his penis from vagina and ejaculate outside not even on the top of vagina it is the most common method literally used by every single person but there is also a draw back in this method if you are late or a small amount of your semen is released inside the vagina there may be the probability of women to conceive so don’t use this if you are not sure.

What to do when condom is leaked?

Try not to panic because if you get panic after saw you broken or leaked condom you will not able to think rationally many things which helps you to first thing is give birth control pill to your female partner and after 4 weeks continuously do pregnancy tests through strips.

What are the methods which are used for birth control?

There are a variety of methods for birth control that are available at home, without the need prescriptions or medical procedures. They offer ease of use and control over contraception. But, it’s important to be aware of the method’s effectiveness and suitability for your individual requirements. Here are a few common at-home methods for birth control:


Female and male condoms can be purchased over-the-counter. They serve as the ability to block eggs from containing sperm and provide protection against sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs). The correct use and consistency are crucial to ensure the effectiveness.


Spermicidal creams and foams, gels or suppositories are readily available without prescription. They work by preventing or eliminating the sperm. However, they are not as effective by themselves and are usually employed in conjunction with other methods, such as condoms.

Birth Control pills

Contrary to prescriptions, birth control pills can be administered at your home. They contain hormones that hinder ovulation as well as make cervical mucus thicker to block the sperm. They need to be taken regularly and must be administered as directed by a physician.

Emergency contraception

This medication over-the-counter is taken after an unprotected ovulation or contraceptive failure in order to keep pregnancy out. This medication is not for use on a regular basis and should be used immediately following an intercourse.

Fertility Awareness Methods

The monitoring of your menstrual cycle and basal body temperature and cervical mucus may assist in identifying fertile times that you shouldn’t be able to protect yourself from sexual contact that is not protected. This method needs careful monitoring and can be more effective when paired with other methods for birth control.

Cervical Cap

The cervical cap can be described as a silicon or latex cap which covers the cervix, stopping sperm from entering the uterus. It is a medical necessity and should be used in conjunction in conjunction with spermicide. The proper fitting and placement are vital.


similar to the cervical cap diaphragms is a dome-shaped, flexible device that is used to cover the cervical area. It requires a prescription, and is best used in conjunction with the spermicide. Proper placement is vital.


Method is when a male partner removes his vaginal penis before ejaculating. Although it’s easy to access but it’s not the most efficient and comes with a greater chance of having an unintended pregnancy.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method

Breastfeeding exclusively is a natural contraceptive method during the initial few months following the birth of your child. However, it must be accompanied by strict compliance with specific guidelines for its effectiveness.

Copper In-Urinary Instrument (IUD)

Although typically implanted by a medical professional The copper IUD is able to use at-home as a contraception after it’s placed. It is a long-term contraceptive device and is highly effective.


It is crucial to talk with your doctor before deciding on any method of birth control in order to determine which one best suit your particular health and lifestyle requirements. Also, to ensure the most effective methods of contraception and protection from STDs use condoms or barrier methods such as condoms in combination with other methods is suggested, particularly in high-risk scenarios. Many women’s use women condoms to prevent from pregnancy.

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