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Pink Eye Symptoms, Infection, Treatment, Conjunctivitis

Pollution is a major problem nowadays, and as industries are developed, more air pollution and bacterial infections are discovered. The chemicals or bacteria in the air cause many infections in the eyes, nose, and also in the throat. There are several kinds of allergies that are present now. They also appear due to the presence of dust particles and pollution, and the most viral infection is a pink eye infection, which spreads rapidly among all age groups and can be very painful due to the inflammation of the eyes.

What is Pink eye infection?

Pink eye is the infection of transparent membranes that line the eyelid and also the eyeball. The transparent membrane is also called conjunctiva. There are many small blood vessels present in the conjunctiva. When these blood vessels are inflamed and irritated due to the viruses and bacteria attacks, the white part of the eyeball becomes pinkish or reddish and also more visible. There is also another name for pink eye infection, which is Conjunctivitis. Most commonly, a pink eye infection is caused by bacteria and sometimes by viruses. Pink eye infection mostly occurs in children with low immunity, but many adults with low immunity easily get infected by this painful disease.

Pink eye infection can be really irritating and painful. Itching is most common in pink eye infections. Also, there are many secretions that are released in the infected eye, like pus and other white secretions. In babies, a pink eye infection is most commonly due to an opened tear duct. Pink eye infections mostly go on their own, but there is also a need for some eye ointments, which help you a lot to recover.

What are the causes of pink eye infection?

There are many causes of pink eye infection through which you may get this infection, so to avoid pink eye infection, you need to focus on the causes of this infection. The major cause of pink eye infection is a virus or bacterial infection because it can easily be transmitted from person to person. Personal contact like handshakes or touching. The air through coughing and sniffing. The act of touching a surface or object with germs and then rubbing your eyes after cleaning your hands.

What are the symptoms of pink eye infection?

There are many symptoms of pink eye infection, which tells you that you are absolutely infected by this infection. Some of the most common types of viruses are the following:

  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Pain in eyes
  • Irritation in the infected eye
  • White secretions from an infected eye
  • Photophobia
  • Inflammation of eye

If you are facing all these symptoms or just any three of them, you immediately need to call your doctor and book an appointment.

What are the medications used to treat pink eye infections?

Basically, there are many medications your doctor may prescribe to you from the categories of anti-bacterial medicines that really help you to get relief from this infection because, most times, pink eye infection is caused by bacteria. There are many eyes drops that you can also use, like detox, which helps to clear your eye membranes and clear your vision, which helps to reduce inflation and itching from the infected eye. Mostly, this infection goes on its own within 3 to 5 days, but using some medications will help you avoid the pain that comes with a pink eye infection.

How to get rid of pink eye infection at home?

The pink eye is also known as Conjunctivitis, which is an eye condition that can be painful and may be caused by a virus or bacteria. It is very important to consult medical professionals to diagnose, and then he will do the treatment, but there are many different ways to treat yourself at home, which can help with minor symptoms and fast healing.

Take care to maintain good hygiene

Please ensure you wash your hands frequently with soap and water to help avoid spreading infection to yourself or others. Also, avoid touching your eyes to reduce risk.

Warm Compress on infected eye

Apply a warm, clean compress to your eyes for approximately 10-15 minutes. It can lower irritation and also the formation of crusts.

Use eye drops

Please use good quality eye drops that lubricate your eyes and make the infection lower as much as possible. Also, it may help you to soothe your eyes.

Avoid contact lenses

When your eyes are infected, please avoid contact lenses because wearing them may worsen your condition.


In the event that allergies were to be the reason, eye drops for antihistamines that are available or oral antihistamines could be beneficial.

Cleanse Eyelids

Make sure to gently clean your eyelids as well as the eyelashes with a warm, damp cloth to eliminate any traces of discharge or crusting. Make sure you have a separate eyelid cloth for each eye in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Hydrate yourself

Please keep your water intake at an optimum level because if you keep yourself hydrated, your eyes won’t get dry.

Keep your eyes covered

when around dust, smoke, or other substances that might trigger pain and irritation in your eyes.

Keep personal items separate

Do not share towels, washcloths, or eye makeup in order to avoid spreading the virus. Rest Sleep enough to aid the system’s own healing abilities.


Eat your diet high in vitamins A and C. They will improve your eyesight health and strengthen immunity.

Stay Home

If you’re suffering from Conjunctivitis that is bacterial or viral, it is essential to remain at home from work or school until you’re not contagious anymore. Follow the advice of your doctor regarding the proper duration of your stay in being isolated.


Be aware that these remedies at home will help ease symptoms, but they are not able to cure the root reason for pink eye. If your symptoms get worse or don’t improve after several days of home treatment, see a healthcare professional. They will determine the root causes of your pink eye and prescribe an appropriate medical treatment. This might include prescribed anti-inflammatory drops for your eyes or in the event that there is a bacterial issue.



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