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What is a video game addiction?


Video games are nowadays very popular and have gained hype due to the increase in technology. There are many machines present in the market that use that technology and run games with very high graphics, almost like real. So, games nowadays cones also have a high level of programming, which can increase the emotions of a person to a high level, and many gamers consider those games real and connect their feelings with those games, but as we know, anything that emotionally tigers you can also stimulate our dopamine centers and more use of these games than usual can be addictive and very harmful for users because dopamine release when we get reward and majority of games are based on reward systems so it can directly trigger our brain reward system which makes difficult to resist playing these games.

What is video game addiction and its effects?

The continued and compulsive behavior of playing video games without considering its harm to your health and also neglecting your important activities or daily tasks to play games is named as video game addiction. Video game addiction is very common nowadays because of the latest computing technologies and gaming devices, which give you high-definition graphics and feel like the real world.

There are many games that are real-life-based games and give you full real experience so you can enjoy the virtuality as reality, but there are many harmful effects because if you are playing video games frequently without focusing on your daily tasks, it leads to video game addiction.

Playing video games in a limit is okay, and its limit is set to 2 hours a day. A healthy person can play video games in their free time, not more than 2 hours a day. Still, nowadays, video games are not just modernized but also come with a more simulative reward system that makes the person play those games constantly beyond their limits and the designers of these games especially get paid to make the game more addictive so user play their games more and more which is good for their companies and business.

What are the causes of video game addiction?

There are numerous causes for gaming addiction that make it irresistible for a person to play video games, which are the following:

Addictive personality

 This is one of the major causes of an addictive personality because playing games stimulates the release of dopamine from your brain, and if you are easily addicted to something, it is easy for you to be addicted towards games, and it makes you a gaming addict.


If you are isolated from the real world in your room, playing games will definitely be an enjoyable task for you, but sometimes you start playing video games more than usual due to isolation, which leads you to gambling addiction.


Escapism from reality or problems like anxiety and depression can be a cause of gaming addiction because while playing games, we forget the pain from real-life problems. Gaming is a good escape, but while escaping from the pain of the outside world, we fall into another pain of gaming addiction.

What are the damages of video game addiction?

Video game addiction can cause some serious side effects on our physical and mental health, which are the following:

Damaging eye health

Our eyes are susceptible organs, and while gaming, our eyes face blue light from the screen, which affects them very badly. Eye strain and blurry vision are normal for people who are game addicts.

Lack of focus

If you are playing video games more than usual, all of the abilities of the brain to focus waste their crucial energy on those activities. Now, your body is tired, and your brain runs out of glycogen to work properly, so your ability to focus is low and poor.

Irritation and restlessness

If you are a video game addict, you surely feel irritation and restlessness in your body because of the high release of dopamine in your brain,. So when you stop playing for a while, the brain makes you feel irritated to play that high dopamine-releasing game again and gain.

How to get rid of video game addiction?

Overcoming gaming addiction can be difficult, but with proper willpower and a strategic approach, it can be done easily. Here is a more comprehensive guide about how to end gaming addiction:

Focus on triggers

 The most essential first step toward recovery from gaming addiction is realizing it exists within yourself and acknowledging it as such. Self-awareness will serve as the cornerstone for building it successfully.

Set Clear Goals

When setting goals to reduce gaming or cease it entirely, be clear on why. Your goals will serve as motivators during this process – be they physical health benefits, nurturing relationships or excelling at something else altogether – having clear purposes is paramount in reaching any success in life.

Limit your access to games.

Take practical measures to limit access to gaming. Uninstall games from devices, use website blockers to block gaming-related websites or temporarily store gaming consoles out of easy reach of children or other adults.

Replace game hours with healthy activities.

Create a daily or weekly plan that allows time for activities other than gaming – like exercise, hobbies and socializing as well as work and studies – and replace your time with activities that provide you benefits in fitness. Doing this may help replace gaming hours with something better for yourself, like physical fitness and hobbies or work studies! Creating this structure may help replace gaming hours as time is allocated instead.

Take support from others

 Reach out to friends and family by sharing your struggles and efforts towards beating gaming addiction with them. Their encouragement, understanding, and assistance may prove invaluable; also, consider joining support groups or therapy sessions specifically targeted towards gaming addiction for professional guidance and advice.

Breaking free of gaming addiction takes dedication and work. In particular, replacing gaming with healthier activities such as exercise or therapy sessions with loved ones or professionals and staying focused on goals is necessary in order to regain control of your life and find an acceptable balance between gaming and other aspects of it.

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