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What are the damages of dieting?

What is diet culture?

Diet culture is defined as the worship of thinness. In the early stages of the USA, there was a trend to eat nutrients in the form of Food they eat traditionally, and then people respected those who were slim. That is why people with a high basal metabolic index and a little overweight become unacceptable to society because of this diet culture. In essential words, diet means the daily Food that helps us work better to meet our daily requirements. Still, this modern culture has completely changed the definition of diet to the level where diet means to eat Food and a specific category of Food, so now, dramatically, diet culture is strengthening its roots.

There are several kinds of diets present in this world. To achieve a specific goal, you need to follow a specific diet; every diet has benefits and drawbacks. Some are ancient, and some are modern-day diets. But the worst thing that is present in all of us is that a person who is dieting should be eating less and underweight than following a proper diet; otherwise, he is not. Diet culture in this modern era is better than in the past, but diet still does not mean eating less or restricting eating. Instead of eating bad, eat healthy and nutritious Food. That is the real meaning of diet, which should be the diet culture for now.

How does diet affect the immune system?

Your immune system provides security against every bacterium and virus and kills when any of them that enter your bloodstream stay in your blood and harm you. The immune system’s most active inhibitors are our white blood cells that become active to fight against the bacteria or viruses that enter your bloodstream with any substance you take inside your body, like air, Food, saliva, and many other ways. One thing that is responsible for your immune system is Food.

Food can make your nervous system excellent, but Food can negatively affect your immune system, which you had never thought of. Bad Food can inflame your body cells, so before you start to eat, think appropriately about whether the Food you eat is suitable for your immune system. The immune system is responsible for your daily activities, workout, and ability to minimize infections.

If there is any minor infection or wound in your body, your immune system automatically repairs this by killing the infection, causing a germ. When your white blood cells become low due to the low quality of Food you eat, you want to make yourself healthy and strengthen your immunity. Please be conscious of the excellent amount of sleep and fresh nutrition required for daily intake, like fresh vegetables and fruits.

What are the damages of dieting?

Dieting as such is not very harmful if you don’t do it to an extreme level. Still, some people nowadays take their diet to a ridiculously lower calorie intake, and then the dieting will become dangerous beyond our thinking. Crash dieting is the most painful and challenging form of dieting in which a person stops eating Food and drops their calorie intake to below 500 calories per day or even more.

The first potential harm of this diet is that your organs, specifically your brain, use glucose, which will slow down because when you are overeating calories and a sudden drop in those calories, your body will be in a shock state, and your metabolism goes down. All your metabolic and respiratory activities stop working correctly. In a lower-calorie diet, your body will adapt to how to survive with this and start saving those calories.

As a result, you will not lose much weight and get a lot of health conditions like bone diseases and immune deficiency due to a lower amount of nutrition from Food. All the muscles of your body will be used as a source of energy except fat. And when you are on a low number of calories, there is a much-increased risk of getting a stroke. Dieting causes physical health conditions and equivalently affects mental health. Your cognition quality will be affected a lot.

You can’t be able to think correctly because when you are on a diet, your brain starts using ketones as a fuel source except for glucose, which makes your body less active and affects your quality of life. So, if you plan to diet with a lower calorie intake, please be careful and seek a well-reputed nutritionist who will tell you if you can do this or need another diet with a calorie surplus.

What are the impacts of diet on health?

There is a powerful impact of diet on our physical and mental health. Diet can make you healthy and ill, so your organs depend on what you take inside your body.

If your diet is not proper and healthy, you will face many health issues like diabetes, cancer, cognitive issues, and heart diseases. Because our body works by breaking the Food you eat into micro-particles, all the vital macro or micronutrients will enter your bloodstream, making you stay healthy and active in your life, but only if you eat healthy foods. Nowadays, ordinary people eat many unhealthy foods with zero nutritional value in their routine diet.

After that, when these foods with more saturated fat and sugar enter their body, the Food will be the primary cause of diabetes and fatty liver because every Food you eat has its nutritional value, and if you are already fat and eating butter and oily foods that will make your body to store saturated fat cause fatty liver. Many doctors nowadays tell us not to overeat but to eat national Food. Many health conditions like obesity and slow metabolism can be cured only by changing your diet to a healthy level.

What are the benefits of the keto diet?

Keto is now a very famous diet in the modern era. Our body uses glucose as energy, converts all Food into glucose, and stores extra energy as fat. When our body lacks glucose, our liver breaks fat into ketones, which are now the source of energy.

The brain will start using ketones as a fuel source, so in the keto diet, you will consume all the foods that are high in fat and low in carbs, so your carbs intake will be below 50g. There are levels in the keto diet where you take your carbs low according to your limits.

When your brain uses ketones as a result fuel source, your body shifts its fuel source, and now the stored fat is your fuel for the body. Your body will use fat, so now you are losing pure fat from your body rather than your muscles, so it is so helpful for you. The primary benefit is your cognitive activity improves because fat is a more potent source than glucose. Also, you can eat butter and all your favorite foods high in fat and low in carbs.

Also, moderate protein intake is necessary for our muscles. By using keto, you will lose fat fast and improve your health; your heart will start functioning well. If you have fatty liver, it will go away with this magical diet. Last but not least, the benefit of the keto diet is that you will have zero risks of developing diabetes because of the low amount of sugar in your diet.


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