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What to do about allergies?

Allergies are conditions where the immune system reacts abnormally when exposed to a foreign substance.

We have different types of allergies to which individuals react—for example, septum. Septrim is an anti-biotic to which some people are allergic. Once they take the drug without realizing it, they respond thoughtfully.

Drug Allergy

A reaction is abnormal of the immune system in response to a drug.

The allergic reaction can be mild in many cases. In severe cases, shock can occur.

Food allergies

A reaction of the immune system that is unpleasant or potentially dangerous after eating a particular food.

Food allergies are not known to have a cause. Some allergies that were present in childhood can disappear as adults.

Contact allergy

Skin rash that occurs after contact with certain substances.

The substance may cause irritation or an allergic reaction. The most common culprits are soap, perfumes, jewelry, and poison ivy.

You can stop the above types by avoiding the allergen causing your allergies. Allergies are not curable, but they can be treated and controlled. You may have to put in some effort. You may need to change your environment or learn how to avoid things that cause allergy attacks.

Allergy medications available over-the-counter

These drugs include xyzal and loratadine.

Antihistamines can be an excellent first step to relieving seasonal allergies. They block “histamine,” a chemical the immune system releases whenever it detects something dangerous.

Histamine is released by your immune system when it overreacts to allergens, causing seasonal allergies. This overreaction causes allergy symptoms.

Green tea is also suitable for allergies. It boosts the immune system and can be taken regularly to avoid allergies.

Vitamins are good immune boosters too, and can help prevent allergies if taken seriously; these vitamins can be taken as supplements, injections, or food.


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