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How to Recognize Xanax & Symptoms of Abuse Xanax pill identification

Xanax, the brand name for generic alprazolam, is commonly prescribed to treat generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorders. It belongs to the benzodiazepines class of drugs that calms central nervous system activity and produces a sedative. Benzodiazepines, like Xanax, increase GABA levels in the brain (gamma-aminobutyric Acid or g-aminobutyric acids). GABA is a neurotransmitter that works by decreasing anxiety and stress. Xanax is one of the U.S.’s most commonly prescribed drugs and one of its most addictive. Over the last few years, Xanax overdose and addiction rates have skyrocketed nationwide.

In an article by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), benzodiazepines such as Xanax are involved in many overdose deaths. In 2019, 16 percent (of all opioid overdoses) involved benzodiazepines. According to the NIDA reports, ” In the time frame between 1996 and 2013, the ratio of adults who filled a benzodiazepine prescription escalated by 67%, from 8.1 million to 13.6 million.2 This contained quantity escalated by 1.2 kg to 3.7 kg lorazepam, which is equivalent per 100,000 adults.”

We have seen the devastating effects of Xanax abuse on the addict and their family members. We have developed a holistic, effective approach to addiction treatment that combines proven therapies, a 12-Step recovery approach, and evidence-based whole-person methodologies.

What does Xanax look like?

Xanax comes in a wide range of colors and shapes. It is manufactured by a pharmaceutical firm (Pfizer Medical). Xanax tablets are available in triangular, rectangular, and oval shapes. The strength of the tablet is determined by its shape. Xanax tablets are usually white rectangles with scores on one side. This allows them to be broken into smaller doses. This type of Xanax tablet is often referred to by the slang term “bar” and forms the basis for a lot of Xanax slang. For example, a person high on Xanax may be referred to as “barred out.” Watch for these small tablets or pills if you suspect someone you care about has been abusing Xanax.

Xanax “Bars”

Xanax bars look similar to the medicine shown in the picture on the right. The dosage and brand name are usually printed on both sides of the tablet. The drug can be divided into four segments. The appearance of off-brand alprazolam may be similar to the original medication, but it will not have the brand name printed on one side.

Oval Xanax Pills

Xanax is also available in a small oval-shaped pill in blue, yellow, off-white colors, and faded red. The pill display which is on the right comes in cardboard, but Xanax mostly prescribed in a smaller pill bottle. The ovular Xanax pills have a smaller dose than the rectangular Xanax. Xanax can be triangular-shaped.

How to help if someone is abusing Xanax

How can you tell if a loved one has been abusing Xanax or other benzodiazepine medications? You can also look for Xanax tablets or pills hidden in your loved ones’ personal items. Some of the behavioral symptoms that are associated with Xanax addiction.

  • Drug-seeking behavior, such as “doctor shop,” where you visit more than one physician at a given time to try and obtain multiple prescriptions. You can also buy Xanax from drug dealers or raid the medicine cabinets and friends of family members.
  • Attempting to reduce the amount or frequency of Xanax taken but unable to.
  • The person spends less time with family and most time alone.
  • Neglecting your personal responsibilities and not participating in the activities you previously enjoyed.
  • Changes in mood and behavior may be characterized by periods of irritability and agitation or an increase in angry outbursts.
  • Decreased cognitive function. This could manifest as slurred or mumbled speech, memory issues/regular blackouts, disorientation, and a loss of coordination.
  • Over time, a tolerance is developed for Xanax. This means that a higher dosage of Xanax will be required to produce the desired effect.
  • Xanax withdrawal symptoms can occur when abruptly stopping use.

Plymouth House can help if you suspect someone close to you has abused Xanax. Reaching out is the first step.

The majority of Xanax pills are found in small plastic bottles like the one on the right. If your loved one is buying Xanax from a drug seller or stealing the medicine, they may be hiding it in a pill bottle with a different label.

Why do people use Xanax?

Why do people first start taking Xanax? The initial reasons for use heavily depend on the user’s circumstances. The reasons for initial use can include the following:

  • If your loved one enunciated taking Xanax in, try to medicate himself to an untreated or undiagnosed mental illness, anxiety, depression, /post-traumatic stress disorder. Prescription drugs such as Xanax can be easily acquired and are often abused.
  • You or a loved one were prescribed Xanax or another benzodiazepine to treat a valid mental illness. Xanax can be prescribed to treat anxiety disorders or pain attacks. Many people who use Xanax legitimately develop a physical dependency over time. Suppose you suspect that your loved one has developed a tolerance to Xanax and is taking more than the recommended dose. In that case, speaking with their prescribing doctor or other medical or psychiatric professionals is important.
  • You or your loved one were introduced to Xanax at a social gathering and started using it recreationally. It is common for adolescents and young adults to use Xanax recreationally. Even recreational use of this medication can lead to dependency. Even occasional recreational Xanax usage can cause a life-threatening overdose. This is especially true if mixed with other chemicals like alcohol and opioid narcotics.

Helping someone who is abusing Xanax

How can you help a family member you suspect of abusing Xanax abuse? We recommend that you educate yourself about prescription drug abuse. You can approach your loved one with compassion and understanding when you have an honest and open conversation. A professionally staged intervention might be an option because denial is often associated with addiction, and the drug cravings accompanying it are overwhelming.

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