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Three Dentist Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy & White

Where is the first place that skin begins to age? The first place to show signs of skin aging is around the eyes. Some say that the neck becomes crepey before anything else, and others swear it’s the backs or hands.

According to Victoria Veytsman, DDS, a leading cosmetic dentist, your smile is the one that has undergone the most significant change. She tells mbg that the smile is one of the places on your body where aging first appears.

Think about how much you use your lips, whether it’s to speak, smile, or chew. She says, “It carries the force when it comes to the bottom for aging.”

The term “aging smile” is more than discolored, dull teeth. As your enamel weakens, you can also see microfractures or chipping. Veytsman adds, “The lowest third of the face is encouraged by your smile, so it’s vital to carry on that smile as you age.”

How can you keep your smile healthy and bright? Here are her expert tips:

Maintain good oral hygiene.

Veytsman says that “health is the foundation for all beauty.” A healthy smile usually leads to a beautiful one, not the other way around. Prioritizing oral health will lead to a healthier and brighter smile as you age.

She adds, “Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily with a toothbrush, floss, use [gentle] oral rinse, scrape the tongue, and take water in order to maintain a healthy microbiome.” This will help keep your teeth white and healthy.

Building up the natural enamel on the teeth can help remove stains and prevent them from appearing in the first instance. When your gums and teeth are healthy, they look less dull and dingy.

A quick note on mouthwashes: Traditional antiseptics are highly antibacterial. They remove all good and bad bacteria to give you a fresh, minty sensation. Experts advise against using antiseptic mouthwashes frequently, as your oral microbiome requires a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use mouthwash (some people may have to swish their mouths for medical reasons, for example). Limit the amount of mouthwash you use and choose a milder non-antiseptic alternative that is gentle on your oral microbiome. Could you find our recommendations here?

Brushing your teeth after eating is not the best way to whiten them.

You may notice that your teeth are more susceptible to staining with age as your enamel becomes weaker. You might reach for your toothbrush immediately after drinking coffee or red wine to prevent stains. But, according to Veytsman, this is a mistake.

She explains, “I would not recommend brushing your teeth right after eating or drinking an acidic food or beverage because it will stain your teeth.” You will rub the acidic substance into your teeth. Rinse your mouth immediately with plain water to avoid staining.

It is also possible to avoid staining foods altogether. However, this may not be feasible for those who love coffee, apple cider vinegar, or lemon. Veytsman says that you can use white strips at home to remove minor stains and whiten toothpaste as maintenance. You can find some of our favorite whitening strips and tubes here.

Investing in a Mouthguard

Is your smile another sign of aging? Gum recession is when the gum line moves higher on your teeth than usual due to wear. Veytsman says that you may be experiencing this due to your genetics. It can also occur if your brushing is too vigorous, you have periodontal diseases, or you grind your teeth.

If you are not genetically predisposed to gum recession, you can prevent it by avoiding certain habits. She says that a nightguard is recommended if you grind your teeth at night because this can cause receding gums. Here’s a set that is affordable from Amazon. “Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush, and not press too hard on the gum tissue.”


Healthy aging should give more consideration to oral care. Veytsman adds, “Most people understand the smile as a lone wolf in the health and beauty fields. But it is an important part of overall health and facial appearance.” Your mouth is your gateway to the body, and it’s the start of your gastrointestinal system. We don’t have to tell you that the gut and skin are connected. To summarize, regarding healthy skin care for aging, you shouldn’t overlook the power of brushing and flossing.

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