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10 Home Remedies For Bloating: Quick And Easy Relief

Do you also have sensitive stomach and often face bloating issues? Are you also insearch of the best home remedies for bloating? Look no further, you have come to the right place.

Bloating is a state in which your belly blows up like a balloon. It is a very irritating situations with symptoms like gas ,abdominal pain and discomfort. Different dietary choices and constipation can cause bloating. In this blogpost you will get learn about how to cure it with different home remedies.

After reading this article you will be able to know and practise multiple natural treatments for bloating at home. These are easy solutions without any medicines. Stay connected with us to know more about these solutions in detail.


Prebiotic is a very effective technique to cure bloating. It is a method in which doctors inject healthy bacteria into the gut of a patient. This method also helps the patient with irritable bowel syndrome but it has limited search. There is a possibility that prebiotics may contribute to bloat in some people.

prebiotics  also available in yoghourt, kimchi and dietary supplements. You have to consult a doctor if you have frequent bloating. Prebiotics have healthy bacteria and microorganisms which are introduced in the patient’s gut and it will help to reduce bloating.

Apple Cider Vinegar

There is no authentic and scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar helps to reduce bloating. This vinegar has an acidic nature so it helps in digestion of food. According to anecdotal reports apple cider vinegar is a natural and effective method to treat bloating. It is also used to cure everything from acne to cancer.

Many people drink ACV straight but it is best to drink it with water or any other liquid. The best way to take apple cider vinegar is to take it twice a day. There are some ways to take apple cider vinegar.

  • The first way to take ACV is to add a spoon  of ACV ,honey and lemon juice in streaming water. It’s a perfect tea for digestion.
  • The second method is to add a spoon of ACV in a fruit smoothie.
  • The best combination of apple cider vinegar is with salad. It has an excellent taste. You have to blend 1 tablespoon of ACV and a spoon of olive oil then add ground pepper.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is the best method to cure gas and bloating. Lemon water also helps to reduce salt retained in our body . The  best way to make lemon is to add hot water with lemon juice. There are many benefits of taking lemon juice e.g detoxifying , energizing and soothing. Lemon water speed up your digestive system.


Peppermint oil is the best method to cure bloating and it helps to relax your bowel a search it is proved that if a person takes 3,4 peppermint capsules in a day he will not experience bloating. It is present in different forms. You can make peppermint tea to relax stomach muscles.


Fibre food promotes bowel movement which helps to cure bloating and improve digestion. Fibre foods include oranges,bnana, avocados, cucumber, yogurt, berries, green tea, celery, ginger, kombucha, papaya , oats etc. These all are herbs and fruits which have the ability to relax and cure the stomach. 

Kombucha is rich in prebiotics and it will increase gut health. Papaya has an enzyme papain which breaks amino acids and promotes a healthy digestive system.


Ginger is considered as a magical plant for health. Ginger is best to cure nausea and it’s best for stomach problems.ginger is best to reduce weight. Ginger tea is a good and best tea for constipation. Ginger also improves your gut condition. It controls hypertension  and heart diseases.

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage helps to relieve bloating, pressure and all abdominal diseases. There are some conditions and times when abdominal massage is not suitable .

  • Immediately after abdominal surgery
  • Active and acute infection
  • Rectus diastasis
  • Suspected appendix
  • IUD is present


Water is very essential for our health. Our body needs at least eight ounces of glasses per day. Low quantity of water in our body leads to constipation. You have to take a lot of purified water to cure all stomach problems. You may have irritation in your stomach if you consume contaminated water.

Physical Activity 

When you do some physical activity it causes movement of your body. When your body moves it promotes digestion. Brisk walking, running and bike riding also help to reduce bloating. Physical activity of 40 minutes is compulsory for good health.

Avoid Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated drinks are a big cause of  bloating and constipation. Fizzy drinks like soda and sparkling water are a big cause of all stomach problems. If a person drinks a lot of soda then it leads to gas and other problems.

 If we drink carbonated drinks very quickly then we consume a lot of air with the drink which leads to bloating and gas. The only solution is to consume carbonated products slowly.

Final Words

These were the 10 most effective and practical home remedies for bloating and stomach problems. These are natural remedies and it can be effectively treated with natural methods. You don’t necessarily need medications for it. These are easy to practise and will give you instant relief.

Adding them in your routine will solve your long term bloating problems. These are also healthy practices for your overall good health as well. But if you don’t seem to have any notable effect of these remedies than you should consult any doctor for medical treatments. 

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